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Anyone who has just heard: “It’s okay to be less” will think it’s wrong, absurd, and unacceptable. Because according to common sense, everyone thinks, less is lost, less is less, less is less. But in life, some things less is really gained?

In life, some things less is really gained?

What is less, but still okay.

The less you get, the more you get!

Less talk, more understanding.

Venerable Thien Hoa taught: Wise people talk less, listen more. Choose answers, choose questions…

Cut down on foods that are easy to cause obesity and fat, chew a lot and chew well, will increase your health and reduce disease.

One less “yes”, one less worry

Knowing how to reduce will make our lives more joyful and happy

Less market and gossip, more peace of mind

Less anger, more anger, more peace and health

Less greed, desire, more peace and serenity

Less selfish, more envious, more tolerant

Less blabbering, more people’s prestige and trust

Less lethargy, more loose will and determination

Bodhi creates karma from body, speech, and mind, adding blessings, intellectual compassion

Less prejudice, stubborn clinging, more peace of mind and freedom

Every day we wisely know how to reduce as much of the things that cause suffering, insecurity and sorrow for ourselves, our families and everyone as: ignorance, bigotry, selfishness, greed, hatred, lies, that joy. , peace and happiness will be doubled.

Knowing how to reduce will make our lives more joyful and happy

Stop participating in the yard

Be less obstinate

Compassionate wisdom

Wisdom increases

Less is okay


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