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Having Faith in the teachings of a religion is called having faith, thanks to having faith, faith or faith is born, that is, the power of faith makes believers determined to practice religion.

Belief is a Nom language derived from the Chinese characters Niem and Tin. Mindfulness means to remember, to think of, to think of as recollection, remembrance or recitation of Buddha, sutras or mantras. Faith means believing like faith, faith, or right faith, wrong faith, unbelief… That’s the reason for living in humans, the source of life force that gives people strength in daily life, is Survival instincts are natural for everyone, differing only in details such as what the subject believes, solid or uncertain, right or wrong, continuous or intermittent, introverted self-confident or extroverted. trust in strangers…

Belief is an important topic covering many fields such as philosophy, religion, anthropology, culture, society… In the limit of one article, here only belief is mentioned in the part of education. theory as well as the practice of Buddhism, called Tin Hanh or Faith.

Faith is the foundation of Buddha’s Bodhi achievement

1. General concept

Faith is a natural innate survival instinct, everyone has Faith: Believing that they are human, they are living, that is breathing, having feelings of joy or sorrow, having love or resentment, having thoughts right or wrong… The belief here is the humanity of an honest person, believing in the dignity and personality of oneself and others. This belief has the equality of everyone, the freedom that no one can prevent or deprive of anyone in the spiritual life.

In case the object of the Faith is the doctrine of a religion, the teaching of a cardinal, the commonly used name is “religion”, which means respect, admiration, and belief, not forced by any force. People who have this belief are called followers like Buddhists are Buddhist followers, Lambs are Christians… Having faith in the teachings of a religion is called having faith. faith or moral force, that is, the power of faith makes believers determined to practice religion.

When starting to raise Faith, it is called starting a mind or in short, starting to believe, which means starting to operate on the path of spiritual practice. A follower of the right path is a case of following the teachings of the cardinal, which is the Right Way. The case of going astray, not following the instructions of the cardinal is called the Evil Way. Following the Right or Wrong Way is because of where there is Right Faith or Wrong Faith. Creating faith is due to meeting Thien Nhan and Thuan Duyen, fostering faith growth is due to diligent practice. The skillful cultivator must not neglect these general basic concepts.


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