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Buddha came to Rajagaha less than a year, but his reputation has resounded near and far with the establishment of Venuvana monastery (Veluvana, Truc Lam).

Buddha for human happiness


That reverberation is proved by the Take refuge in the Three Jewels of King Bimbisàra, the ordained of his three brothers, Uruvelà Kassapa, with a thousand disciples, the ordination of Sariputta (Sariputta), Moggallana (Muggallana) along with most of Sanjaya’s disciples and many young men in the region. The six pagan monks lost the support of the king and the masses, and began to criticize and slander the Mendicant Congregation: the ascetic Gotama had bewitched the masses with a strange Dharma that caused his father to lose his son, leaving no heirs. , the wife lost her husband, had to live alone, the family was broken up, the fields and gardens lacked people to cultivate. Opponents, whenever they meet bhikshus, recite the following rhyme:

“Gotama recluse”

“To the capital Magadha

“Take all of Sanjaya’s disciples

“Whose turn is it next?

Behind Buddha

The mendicants, every time they entered the city for alms, heard the public say bad things about it and heard the rhyme read, annoyed, and went back to the Buddha to ask him for a countermeasure. Buddha tell:

Monks, don’t be upset about such opinions. Within seven days those public opinion would be silenced. If anyone has read the above verse, please read the following verse:

“Teaching the noble Dharma to people;

“Who dares to sneer

“Saints teach the Law of Heaven?

Sure enough, after seven days, the above public opinion was gone. But the group of six non-Buddhists in turn left the capital, Rajagaha, in Magadha, and moved to the capital, Sàvatthi, in Kosala, hoping to find the support of King Pasenadi and the people there.

(Excerpt from The Tale of Buddha Shakyamuni – compiled by Minh Thien Tran Huu Danh)


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