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The life of the Buddha in the eighty years of being in the world, demonstrating superhuman wisdom and morality, is recorded in the scriptures.

Yes, only one Shakyamuni Buddha appeared in this life, leading everyone back to enlightenment, but when the Buddha had a finite body, of course he had to pass away. Since then, we will lose Buddha forever.

No, the Buddha is still present with us, but some people see the Buddha, some do not. The Buddha affirms in the Lotus Sutra, the Tathagata, that those who have an honest, gentle mind, and one heart want to see the Buddha without sacrificing their lives, only to be able to see his eternal existence. On the contrary, a person who lives with lust, is blocked by ignorance, and called in the sutras as a perverted sentient being, cannot see the Buddha.

Master Tu En likens them to blind people who cannot see light, even though the sun is always shining. Until someone with heavier karma sees the world on fire, while the Buddha’s Pure Land right at Taha is completely safe, beautiful, has fruit, music, mandala flowers.

The sambhogakaya Buddha is the merit and wisdom that the Buddha has cultivated

In addition, the Buddha also said: “… But really, since I became a Buddha until now, I have experienced immeasurable and boundless as-tank aeons, often in Ta-she manifesting birth in many countries preaching the Dharma. transform innumerable sentient beings with different lifespans, depending on the type that declares the means to show the truth, depth, and wonder…”.

Thus, not only did the Buddha dwell in Saha to teach sentient beings, but he also existed in all ten directions, benefiting sentient beings without stopping.

Elsewhere, he became a Buddha with a different name. In Tathagata, he bears the name Shakyamuni. Depending on the karma of sentient beings, the Buddha incarnated in each place is not the same, or the chronology is different in length and length.

Through the teachings of the Buddha, open to us to see his long and extensive teaching endlessly, without interruption. That is the special image of the Buddha according to the Lotus Sutra. And that point also proves the supreme personality of the Buddha in this life, along with the enduring existence of Buddhism for more than twenty-five centuries.

If we only see Buddha Shakyamuni as an ordinary person like so many others, that means he was born, grew up, preached the Dharma, grew old and died, and fell into oblivion over the years, we wouldn’t follow the Buddha’s practice for waste. .

According to the interpretation of the Lotus Sutra, because no one has ever seen and known the real and eternal Buddha, the Dharma body of Vairocana, the Buddha must embody someone like them, with the name Shakyamuni.

Buddha’s Dharma Body Immortal existence in the Dharma Realm in the form of nature, it is necessary to have Shakyamuni Buddha on the face of the phenomenon of bearing the body of birth and death to speak the Dharma for people who are born and die in Ta-ba.

This idea is described by the Lotus Sutra with the image of a bourgeois man taking off his lost brother’s chain, wearing a ragged robe, holding a garbage collection in his hand, closely instructing the man with the same death, in order to point out the Buddha’s Dharma body, Vairocana. eternally capable of manipulating all dharmas in the universe.

From the Buddha’s Dharma body, he aroused great compassion, appeared in the world with the body of the four great aggregates, became Prince Siddhartha, and cultivated successfully. Buddha Shakyamuni.

Thus, the rebirth of Buddha Shakyamuni appearing in this life is only a means to save the birth of the eternal immortal Buddha Dharma body. In other words, Shakyamuni Buddha became a Buddha from countless eons long, long ago, not just leaving the king’s palace, ordained, and attained Supreme Enlightenment in this life as we think.

Indeed, this has been confirmed by the Buddha in the Lotus Sutra, chapter 16, the Tathagata’s longevity: “… But it’s been true that since I became a Buddha, I have gone through immeasurable, boundless aeons, thanks. The Lotus Sutra inspires longevity, penetrates the eternal and immortal dharmakaya, but by means of means, one will perish…”.

Buddha became a Buddha a long time ago. Becoming a Buddha does not mean becoming something vague, somewhere that we cannot grasp. His attainment of Buddha means the accomplishment of the perfect Sambhogakaya. And we should not mistake the perfect Sambhogakaya Lo Xa Na to be something abstract in space.

The sambhogakaya Buddha is the merit and wisdom that the Buddha has cultivated. Through countless lifetimes devoted to practicing the Bodhisattva path, he cultivated virtue and wisdom, benefited people, led people to leave their delusions of attachment, and brought them to the correct view of reality. a happy and liberated life.

On the path of experiencing Bodhisattva’s conduct, he has accumulated merit and full wisdom through countless kalpas of self-immolation to form the perfect Sambhogakaya. And the Buddha used the perfect sambhogakaya to penetrate the eternal and immortal dharmakaya.

In other words, he used the merits and virtues of the Perfectly Enlightened One to reveal the means to guide sentient beings. The Buddha’s blessings and wisdom affect anyone, they immediately develop their minds and have thoughts, words or deeds like the Buddha.

For example, today, we practice according to the Buddha’s teachings, voluntarily express our life according to the Buddha, that is, we have received the wisdom and blessings of the Buddha planted in our hearts and in our lives. From then on, we bring the Buddha’s teachings that have been achieved to build for people to develop knowledge and morality.

Thus, we and our relatives represent a part of the Buddha’s body. And my relatives enjoy the benefits of the miracle, and they pass it on to others.

Just like that, the knowledge and ethics taught by the Buddha were propagated throughout the five continents over a period of more than twenty-five centuries and certainly circulated even more widely.

The Buddha affirmed this that the perfect Sambhogakaya, or meritorious virtue, his wisdom profoundly affects all beings exponentially, with no end point. That is to say, the Buddha practiced the Bodhisattva path, cultivated merit, virtue, wisdom to the fullest, forming the Sambhogakaya, whose life span is not only endless, but grows more and more each day, so it is called eternal life. shared. Because there is a starting point to practice to become a Buddha, but to no end because of the body of merit and virtue, the Buddha’s wisdom always expands according to the progress of all beings.

The Buddha affirmed this that the perfect Sambhogakaya, or meritorious virtue, his wisdom profoundly affects all beings exponentially, with no end point.

The Buddha affirmed this that the perfect Sambhogakaya, or meritorious virtue, his wisdom profoundly affects all beings exponentially, with no end point.

Therefore, from countless past kalpas, through the process of cultivating bodhisattva practices, accumulating merits, and perfecting wisdom, he became a Buddha, having an eternal and immortal dharmakaya.

And from the core is that the Buddha has an eternal life span, he reappears Ta-she, carrying a body, is also governed by the five aggregates. Of course, the Buddha also had to take steps to overcome the obstruction of the five warm bodies. However, because the inner core of the accomplished Buddha is available, which means that there are merits and wisdom available, the process of attaining enlightenment in the present life of Shakyamuni Buddha is easier than ordinary people who only have one inside. evil karma.

In short, under the prism of Dharma Flower, Shakyamuni Buddha’s process of becoming a Buddha starts from the Fruit Gate or the Primordial Gate, which is the Buddha’s Dharma-body, whose life span is immortal, and descends to the Human Gate or the Accumulation Gate to manifest as a Buddha. Like Ca.

While we start from the Human Gate and progress to the Fruit Gate, that is, an ordinary person must strive to develop one’s wisdom and virtue, and to teach others until the day when the Bodhisattva’s actions are complete, Only then will they attain Perfect Enlightenment, possessing the eternal and immortal Dharma body like Buddha.

Deeply aware of this path of cultivation, I hope that monks, nuns, and Buddhists diligently advance to cultivate the Bodhisattva path, in order to cultivate the sambhogakaya, sublimate knowledge and morality, and bring peace and liberation to others. I think it’s a model showing a true and beautiful life, an inevitable path for mankind to sublimate.

HT.Thich Tri Quang


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