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Since the Buddha appeared in India, in the process of saving lives for 80 years, he has brought happiness to the Indian people. Up to now, more than 2,600 years have passed, the Buddha’s teachings are the aura that illuminates the world to spread happiness to mankind.

1. Buddha’s message in life

Today on the occasion of the Buddha’s birthday, we receive his message. When he was born, the Buddha pointed to the sky with one hand and the other to point at the earth. He stated:

Heaven and earth,

Unique self,

Infinite birth and death,

U kim jubilant.

(In heaven and on earth, only I am the highest. In countless reincarnations until today, I have been completely happy.)

The birth of the Buddha brought great happiness to mankind in general and to the Buddha’s disciples

In Dharma Flower Sutra, he taught: “He was born because of a great cause and condition, which is to teach sentient beings to enter the Buddha’s knowledge and understanding”. The birth of the Buddha brought great happiness to mankind in general and to the Buddha’s disciples, monastics as well as lay people in particular. He showed sentient beings the way back to find and realize the true nature – Buddha nature of each person. When we find it, it is the eternal happiness of human beings. If one day we do not find our Buddha-nature, we will definitely be stuck in the sea of ​​suffering in samsara.

The first message the Buddha declared for us to clearly see his presence in this world and especially the purpose of pointing people back to realize their true nature or Buddha nature.

He also taught: “Monks, always travel for the sake of happiness, for the benefit, for the happiness of gods and humans.” When we receive the Buddha’s travel message and always practice according to his teachings, no matter what country we are born in, happiness and joy will definitely exist with us.

In life, if we keep in mind the traveling message of the Buddha while walking, sitting, lying down, talking, laughing… then we will surely achieve happiness and peace. When we bring peace to everyone from our actions, words, and hearts, then we are already happy. The Buddha was accomplished and he spread happiness to the world. So, even though he passed away for more than 2,500 years, we just need to receive the Buddha’s teachings and follow them and we will be happy. This message is always present in all Buddhists.

2. Happiness from the Three Refuges and Five Precepts imparted by the Buddha

The Buddha taught that he has 7 noble possessions to pass on to us: faith, precepts, goodwill, preciousness, multiculturalism, wisdom, and renunciation. When we have great predestined conditions and deep faith in the Buddha’s teachings, we take the Three Refuges and the Five Precepts, we are relying on the Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha, and wherever we go, we see light and shade. His protection, feeling happiness, peace.

As children of Buddha, we must always accumulate happiness in good deeds every moment of our life. The joy from the stream of Dharma that the Buddha gives is the Three Refuges, the Five Precepts… we take refuge in the shade of the Buddha, the Dharma, the Sangha and the true gurus.

Please keep the precept not to kill living beings, not to cause injustice against sentient beings in this life. Not killing is the cause of longevity.

Precept not to steal: a few decades ago, there were villages, sleeping houses that didn’t need to be closed, happy and peaceful villages. We live in a neighborhood group, everyone is gentle and kind, and they live a peaceful and happy daily life. The Buddha’s teachings bring us peace and we radiate from this peace to everyone around us.

Precepts not to commit adultery: Princess Dadu-dala always remained faithful when Prince Siddhartha went to monkhood. When she heard that the Prince had entered the forest, he changed his royal robes to wear a monk’s robes, and at home she changed into a simple silk robe. Tin Crown Prince eats a sesame seed every day, she also eats one meal a day. Tin Prince lives in the forest, the sky shines on the earth; she also lay on the ground at home. A woman who is not happy in her heart can do these things? This is the perfect beauty in Princess Yadu-dala.

Let’s follow the example of Princess Yadu-dala. Happiness is self-arranged, self-created, not needing to be given or exchanged with others.

Precept not to lie: we must establish the belief not to lie no matter where we go or where we are. From young to old, if we say that everyone believes, it’s because of behavior that we don’t lie. On the contrary, if we like to lie, then from family to friends, society… wherever we go, people don’t dare to believe us and they are still reserved and avoid us.

The precept not to drink alcohol: this precept may sound unimportant, but on closer inspection, it is very important. Because alcohol is an intoxicating substance, if it is drunk, it will make the spirit lose its lucidity, no longer distinguish between right and wrong, right and wrong. Once our mind is out of control, it is easy to break the four precepts above and it is very easy to create unwholesome karma. On the other hand, alcohol is the cause that causes sentient beings to lose the seeds of wisdom, causes many diseases, consumes property… At the same time, it is also the cause of broken family happiness in the present and future lives. .

The Buddha gave us the Five Precepts so that each of you can protect yourself, purify yourself, and clear your karma in life to create eternal happiness in yourself. From a clear mind, we get happiness. Buddhists should realize this and achieve the Three Refuges, the Five Precepts.

3. Happiness is when we receive from the practice of Buddha’s Four Immeasurable Minds

Each of us has a special karma, let's practice the Great Compassion of the Buddha to love life.

Each of us has a special karma, let’s practice the Great Compassion of the Buddha to love life.

The Buddha’s teachings have 84,000 methods. In short, there are 37 articles of support, more concise: Four immeasurable minds, ie Compassion, Joy, and Equanimity.

From the heart to show love

From the body, from the mouth, the mind is always happy

From action, from smile

From virtue, from love… love life to save birth!

Each of us has a special karma, let’s practice the Great Compassion of the Buddha to love life. We are the seed of the Buddha, so when we live in life, love everyone. Therefore, when anyone meets us, they will feel happiness and peace.

Avalokitesvara is a Great Bodhisattva, his compassion is vast and everywhere. Sentient beings in a place of darkness and suffering, but thinking of His name, will be enlightened by Him. Buddhists should cultivate loving-kindness and compassion of Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara. When someone meets us like they see the descendants of Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara, they tell us about their happiness or share their suffering.

Compassionate, compassionate nature

Wisdom and compassion often give love

Compassion for sentient beings, pity for hundreds of afternoons…

Compassion and patience legalize many blessings.

Pleasure in the appearance of a sage

Happy to bestow the miraculous incarnation

Happy nature, good intentions… in the past

Happy – happy – pure … colorful dharma body.

Release karma, discharge depression

Release injustice, release suffering for many lifetimes

Forgiveness, forgiveness… for people

Spread the seeds of peace and joy for yourself.

When we know that when we meet good people, we are happy, when we meet bad people, we must also be gentle because we understand that no one in life is without flaws. In this life, if we practice well, we will have really good results in the next life, peace from the mother’s womb until existence and until the end of life by dissolving injustice and resentment in life.

4. Buddha for human happiness

During the course of teaching the Dharma to save life, the Buddha always used all means of teaching to level all classes that caused human suffering in order to bring the light of enlightenment to all classes. In the royal family, the Buddha saved his father’s father, enlightened to the truth, attained to the three results of Ana-ham; He bestowed happiness on Queen Mahaba-sa-pad-a, Princess Dadu-dala, Lahula, Nanda, Ananda… all were well. When they left home to study, they later became saints, monks, and nuns were pedagogues, setting an example for sentient beings to have a predestined relationship to practice and study. Even his aunt and uncle Devadatta had repeatedly murdered the Buddha, plotting to destroy the peace and harmony of the Sangha, not only did he not grieve, but also showed compassion to him. him, praising him as a wise man. In the Lotus Sutra, the 12th Devadatta chapter, the Buddha affirms that thanks to Devadatta, he quickly achieved all the six perfections, compassion, rejoicing, three twenty-two good marks, eighty beauty… attained Perfect Enlightenment, generously saving sentient beings, and the Buddha predicted that in the future Devadatta would become a Buddha with the title of Heavenly King.

In the merchant class at that time, there were the Elder Loneliness and Ms. Visakha… and many other believers who received happiness from the Buddha’s teachings. As soon as the light of truth shined from the Buddha’s golden mouth, they all took refuge in the Three Jewels, tried their best to transform their minds, and entered the Holy Order.

The classes that were despised, with the same murderer in the society at that time such as: the prostitute Ambapali, the dung bearer Sunita, the guy Angulimala … were also converted by the Buddha, experiencing peace and happiness.

Ambapali was a former high-class prostitute living in the city of Vaisali, who was despised and insulted by everyone. However, after seeing the Buddha once, hearing his teachings, feeling the boundless compassion and wisdom that tolerated and understood, she now became a completely different person. She got rid of her habits of many generations, knew how to purify the defilements, the pollution of the body and mind, and developed a mind of reverence for the Three Jewels. She generated pure faith and invited the Buddha and monks to come home for a meal. For her, this is an incomparable happiness, nothing can be bought, not even gold or silver, or even the city of Vesali. After that, she left home and became a holy and righteous Arahant.

In the Indian society at that time, carrying feces was considered one of the most despicable jobs, only…


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