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I have known Sister Dieu Khong since 1963, when she went to An Quang Pagoda to apply for self-immolation to protest against the persecution of Buddhism by Ngo Dinh Diem’s ​​government. This made me think that the nun had too noble intentions, so I learned about her behavior.

Portrait of late NT.Like female Dieu Khong

The nun comes from a noble family, but has a heart to dedicate her life to the Dharma and the nation. And more especially, the nun had developed the Mahayana mind, devotedly taking care of the four groups of people. This extremely precious thing has clearly shown the noble image of a benefactor who left home. That is the deep good root of the nun, her mastery of the Buddhadharma, not caring about the life of power and enjoyment, but only focusing on studying and promoting the Dharma.

Princess Ho Thi Hanh, after becoming a monk, became a monk and nun Dieu Khong

Princess Ho Thi Hanh, after becoming a monk, became a monk and nun Dieu Khong

Looking back on the merits of Sister Dieu Khong, we see many respectable points. First of all, her contribution to the Buddhist revival movement in the Central region is remarkable.

The nun built many nunneries, founded and restored many nunneries. Since then, the nun has developed Buddhism into the South. The nun was the first person to found the nunnery in Sa Dec. In Ho Chi Minh City, there are also many training centers for nuns with the tutelage of monks such as Tu Nghiem, Duoc Su, Dieu Trang, Dieu Phap, and Dieu Giac pagodas.

Sister Dieu Khong also contributed a lot to the construction of Van Hanh University, the first Buddhist university in Vietnam.

Sister Dieu Khong

Sister Dieu Khong

The nun also contributed greatly to the founding of Lien Hoa Printing House to print Buddhist scriptures and Lien Hoa Monthly which is the oldest living Buddhist newspaper in the Central region.

Regarding social charity, showing the spirit of compassion, she has established many orphanages and orphanages throughout the central cities and countryside.

In parallel with upholding the above-mentioned Dharma, Sister Dieu Khong translated important suttas such as Thanh Duy Epistemology, Yoga Sutras, Lang Gia Tam Seal, Maitreya Birth Sutra, and Great Wisdom Sutra. Doctrines, Madhyamaka Commentaries, Hien Truths… She also composed many volumes of poetry and prose. Although she did so many things, she did not forget the Eight Noble Truths.

The virtue and knowledge of Sister Dieu Khong shines brightly on the path of religious practice, and is a shining example for practitioners in the future to study. I think that in our religious house there are many talented and virtuous practitioners like Sister Dieu Khong, surely the Buddhadharma will develop strongly and for a long time.

Most Venerable Thich Tri Quang


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