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“In the Buddhist scriptures, there are cases of epidemic diseases of an entire locality, a country, due to the common karma of the whole locality, that country, causing the evil species to have enough causes and conditions to create epidemics.” – Venerable Thich Truc Thai Minh once shared.

During the Buddha’s time in the world, there was a natural disaster and plague that caused the people to be miserable, starving, and die innumerable. With boundless compassion and compassion for sentient beings, the Buddha brought the light of Dharma to save sentient beings from suffering due to ignorance and wrong views. Let’s learn about the Three Jewels Sutta below to know that the Buddha taught his disciples how to repel natural disasters and epidemics.

The disaster left countless people dead in the city of Visali Citadel

The image of the Citadel of Vesali (Vesali) of the Republic of Le Xa (Licchavi)

The story of the Buddha who helped the city of Vaishali and the emirates escape three disasters:

The thing is, south of the Gaṅga River it rains continuously, from day to day. Meanwhile, for four years, there was not a drop of rain in the North. So a disaster fell on the states here, especially the city of Vaishali.

The first tribulation: The land is cracked, the fields and gardens are dry and burning; The crops failed, the rice reserves were not strong enough to hold the breath, and the vegetables did not have enough to eat. Then severe starvation occurred.

Second tribulation: Because of hunger, many people died, the living could no longer carry their bodies to the cemetery or cremated them; they just threw the body outside the city, the stench spread everywhere. The evil yaksha harassed and harassed the people.

The third plague: Because of dead bodies, because of the stench, epidemics spread; especially diseases of the intestines, stomach (because what you can eat, you can eat), cholera (the depleted water sources are polluted) make people die even more.

Buddha instructs on how to neutralize natural disasters and epidemics

At that time, the kings and the general councils of the states were very worried, because the epidemic spread very quickly, and the people died innumerable. They sent an official and his entourage to Vuong Xa city, made offerings to the Buddha, and asked the Buddha to help all peoples.

After the delegation returned, Buddha said three disasters in the city of Vaisali due to the following three causes interacting with each other:

The first is due to the hot and dry weather.

The second is due to the evil that arises from the leaders.

The third is because the gods, good gods, good yaksha leave.

Being assigned by the Buddha, Mr. Ananda and 500 monks memorized the Three Jewels that the Buddha taught; King Tan Ba ​​Sa La helped 1000 tons of food, medicine and sent the best doctors to help the people of Vaisali.

When he arrived at Vaishali city, the Buddha sent Ananda and 500 monks to go three times around the city all night chanting sutras about the power of the Three Jewels, causing the whole space to wobble, shake, and heaven and earth. Ly is immersed in the deep, sublime sound of the sea. At this time, the celestial clouds gathered densely throughout the space, respectfully listened to the sutta, and then they made a vow to protect the Three Jewels and protect the country if the kings and generals knew how to live according to the Dharma. The next day, there was a very heavy rain, it was very dark at night, as if the gate of heaven opened to the land of drought as if it had been waiting for a long time. The heavy rain that lasted all day made all the uncleanness melt away. The people rejoiced, cheered and sang. Kings, councils of generals, nobles bowed down at the Buddha’s feet in gratitude.

After the monks chanted the Three Jewels around the city, the rain washed away all the pollution and dirt and the air became fresh and cool; The epidemic was also eradicated a short time later. The Buddha also lectured the king and generals with suttas related to gods and non-humans, and taught them how to live in order to be always happy and protected by the gods. The people of Pi Xa Ly and the kings and generals thanked the Buddha, so together they contributed resources, joined forces, and joined forces to complete the project of “The Nocturnal House” to make offerings to the ten directions of the Sangha. They also volunteer Take refuge in the Three Jewels and upholding the Buddha’s precepts. Since then, the city of Vaisali became peaceful, developed, kings and officials, people lived according to the Buddha’s righteous Dharma.

The Buddha brought the light of Fa-rectification, saving sentient beings from suffering due to ignorance

The Buddha brought the light of Fa-rectification, saving sentient beings from suffering due to ignorance

Thus, the epidemic was resolved because the king and mandarins, the people unanimously believed in the Buddha, believed in the Three Jewels, and believed in the Buddha’s teachings. Therefore, they made a request to the Buddha and the Sangha, and at the same time made a vow to make offerings to the Buddha and the Sangha. After that, the monks made a promise, gladly accepted the vows of offerings, chanted sutras about the power of the Three Jewels, and dedicated their blessings for the cure of droughts and epidemics. Thanks to all the above factors, after only one night of rain, the drought ended, and the disease was eliminated in a short time.


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