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“Everyone is like that, don’t utter false words! In this life, you create verbal karma, you will be retribution later on…”

When the Buddha was preaching in the city of Vi Gia Le, there was a man named Ka La Viet, seeing the Blessed One’s face, was filled with boundless joy, and invited the Buddha to his house to have the opportunity to sincerely make offerings.

When the Buddha came and compassionately prayed for him, Ka La Viet respectfully stood up and asked the Blessed One to explain the true meaning of the Buddhadharma. The Buddha smiled, and from his mouth emitted a brilliant five-colored light, which immediately circled him three times and then disappeared into the crown of his head.

Buddha teaches cause and effect


When Ananda saw this, he quickly changed his clothes and approached the Buddha and said:

– White World Honored One! Buddha never laughed without a reason. Today, the Blessed One smiled. Surely there is something he wants to tell us. We very much look forward to hearing the World-Honored One’s compassionate teaching.

The Buddha laughed again.

– All right, Ananda! I know that he always wanted to show a path to liberation for the sake of sentient beings, so now I will preach for him.

A long time ago, in a certain kingdom, there were 500 merchants who specialized in digging for gold and jewels. One day, they went into the deep sea to find treasure. Having found the treasure, on the way back, they were afraid of encountering dangerous waves, so they abandoned the boat and went on land. That day they crossed a high mountain, when the sun was already in the west, everyone lay down on the ground to sleep, making an appointment that the next day when it was dawn, they had to immediately set out.

Sure enough, early the next morning, 499 people woke up on time to prepare their luggage and depart immediately, only one person woke up unseen, so he was still sleeping there.

When this person opened his eyes and woke up, he had lost his companion, frantically ran to the mountain road thinking to catch up with the other group, but it was too late! This man ran back and forth, but no matter what he ran, he couldn’t get out of the winding gorges.

At that moment, the north wind suddenly rose and hissed furiously, in a flash a gust of wind blew, causing sand and stones to fly wildly, snow and ice fell, and the mountain road in front of them was instantly frozen. covered with snow, nowhere to be seen.

The road back now is no longer, this merchant desperately hugged his face and cried, tears streaming down his face.

In those winding canyons there is a fragrant wood Chien Dan, which has absorbed the essence of heaven and earth for a long time, so it acquires spirituality and turns into a tree god. The tree god knew the suffering of the lost merchant, so he sent his mind to help, and came before him and said:

– You can temporarily come to my place to stay, I will take care of food and clothing, wait until next spring, the ice will melt and then you will find your way back.

The merchant had come to the end of the road, was overjoyed when he heard this, and from then on took refuge under this Chien Dan tree.

Time passed like an arrow, soon spring came, the ice melted, the way back appeared before the eyes, the lost merchant said to the tree god:

– When I met the end of the road, I was honored to be saved by you to survive until today, only regret that I did not have anything in my body to repay him. Now I have a little old father to take care of, please show me the way back.

“Okay” said the tree god and gave this man a golden cake -, if you go straight ahead, you will come to a small town, if you follow that city, you will find your way home.

After hearing this, the lost merchant said goodbye to the tree god:

– This tree has an incomparable pure fragrance, there is certainly no second tree in the world. Today I say goodbye to you and go to a far away place, perhaps for the rest of my life I will never see you again, I only wish that you would please tell me your name.

The tree god replied:

“Go back home and find out what my name is.”

The merchant said:

– I am very ashamed, at the same time I met you, so I was able to survive, counting more than a hundred days that have passed without being able to repay the slightest bit of your great kindness, in fact, I can’t do anything but ask for forgiveness. His honorable name was known so that when I got home, I could tell my family about his merits.

The tree god saw that the merchant seemed sincere, did not have the heart to refuse this person’s goodwill, so he frankly said his name was Chien Dan, but told him over and over again:

– My roots can cure all diseases of the world, my scent spreads to the four directions, and can be smelled from afar, it can be said that it is unique in the world. But if people know of my presence, their bottomless greed will make them come to cut me down. So I hope you won’t tell anyone where I live.

The merchant thanked the tree god, followed the route indicated by the tree god, and indeed reached his home. After that, he lived happily with his parents and countless close friends.

Not long after that, the king suddenly got a headache, the medicine was all ineffective, then met a famous doctor who said that there is only one cure for the king’s illness, that is how to find a cure. Take out a Chien Dan tree, fry the leaves to make medicine and drink.

When the king heard that, he immediately went down to the mat to say that whoever finds the fragrant wood of Chien Dan will be richly rewarded, not to mention the king will also give the princess in marriage.

The king’s orders soon reached the ears of the merchant who had lost his way. This person, despite having a human face, has a beastly heart and an irresistible lust, so forgetting the life saving grace and the tree god’s instructions five times seven times, stealthily ran away to tell the king that he knew where he was. there is a Chien Dan tree.

The king immediately sent a group of brave men to follow the merchant to cut down the Chien Dan tree and bring it back.

So a bustling group of people, day and night without stopping, did indeed arrive at the place where the sandalwood tree was. Everyone looked up only to see the lush branches and leaves, and the towering trunk of the tree. When the bodyguards saw the tree like that, no one dared to cut it down. But if he returned empty-handed, how could he escape when he was forced to obey the king’s orders? While hesitating, suddenly a voice resounded from the sky:

– I am the god of this tree, if you want to cut down the tree, just do it. Just please try to take care of the roots so that the tree does not die completely. After cutting the tree, please find the body of a person who has just died, apply this person’s blood on the tree’s roots, then cover the tree with intestines and liver, the tree will be able to come back to life.

Hearing this, everyone raised a hammer to cut each other, the tree fell down with a loud bang. At that moment, the merchant standing beside him, engrossed in looking up, suddenly screamed and fell to the ground. Everyone rushed to see this person’s body bleeding profusely. It turned out that this person did not understand why he suddenly tripped over a tree root and fell down, being hit in a dangerous place. What a pity, the reward money has not been seen, but the life is alas gone!

While everyone was still talking excitedly next to the dead merchant’s body, someone spoke up:

“Just now, I heard someone say from the sky, asking to find the dead body, smear it with blood, and then use the liver and guts to cover the roots of the tree. At that time, I wondered, in a deserted place like this, where did I get the body? No wonder this merchant died suddenly, or maybe he just arrived, so let’s temporarily take his blood and liver and put it on the roots.

Everyone responded with one voice, when they finished this, the roots suddenly sprouted and the branches grew thick, the stump was lush and lush as if it had never been cut down. .

The king asked to drink medicine made from the Chien Dan tree, so his headache was healed in an instant, so he ordered all his subjects, if anyone is sick, come and get the rest of the Chien Dan medicine and bring it back to drink. all heal. Since then, the country has been peaceful, the nation is peaceful, and the people have enjoyed long-term happiness.

Venerable Ananda heard the Buddha mentioned this, so he left his seat, went up to the Buddha and said:

– Why did the lost merchant be ungrateful, forgetting the instructions of the tree god? Why do you do something that is contrary to what is right because you want to receive a reward?



The Buddha was a great enlightened being, he clearly knew all the roots of each causal relationship, so he answered Ananda:

– Once upon a time when Buddha Duy Ve was still in the world, there was a father and son in a certain family. The father diligently practices the five precepts, the ten virtues, strictly adheres to the eight precepts, is diligent, and does not entertain. The eldest son also used to look up into the air in the middle of the courtyard, burning incense and making offerings to the Buddhas of the ten directions. The youngest son is stupid and does not know how to respect the Three Jewels, often using impure clothes to cover these incense sticks. The eldest son said:

– The action you did is very sinful, how can you do such an insulting thing!

The youngest son not only did not apologize, but also used harsh words to scold him:

– Huh! How dare you meddle in my business? I swear to cut off your legs to be satisfied!

The eldest son could not contain his anger and replied:

– Idiot, I’ll kill you now!

The father standing next to him also got angry and hugged his head:

– We are arguing so loudly now, it makes me angry and my head hurts!

The eldest son said:

– I am ready to cut my body to make medicine to cure my father’s illness.

Retribution for abortion that few people expect

The Buddha spoke up to this point, paused for a moment, and then continued:

– Everyone is like that, don’t utter false words! In this life, you create karma, and you will be retribution later. As the youngest son said earlier, because evil thoughts arise and want to cut off his legs, as expected, later he brought people to cut down trees, that is…


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