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A vegetarian diet rich in nuts, soy, and vegetables may reduce the risk of stroke.

Dr. Chin Lon Lin and colleagues from Zizhi University (Taiwan) conducted the study with more than 13,000 people, for 6-9 years. They were people over the age of 50 with no history of stroke, and about 30% of the volunteers were full-time vegetarians.

Research results show that a vegetarian diet is beneficial and reduces the risk of ischemic stroke. Specifically, people vegetarian have a 60-74% lower risk of ischemic stroke compared with non-vegetarians, a 65% lower risk of hemorrhagic stroke, and a 48% lower overall stroke risk compared with non-vegetarians vegetarian.

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Vegetarians have a 74% lower risk of ischemic stroke than non-vegetarians. Photo: Freepik

In addition to reducing the risk of stroke, many previous studies have also shown that a vegetarian diet offers many health benefits such as a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease and various types of cancer, as well as a reduced risk of metabolic syndrome. including obesity and type 2 diabetes.

There are many different vegetarian diets that a person can choose from. For example, the lacto-ovo diet avoids meat and fish but consumes dairy and eggs; vegetarian consuming dairy products but no eggs; or vegetarian with eggs but no dairy.

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Some people don’t eat meat but eat fish. This is a pescatarian diet, not a vegetarian diet. Meanwhile, a vegan diet excludes all foods of animal origin. People following a vegetarian diet should choose foods to ensure the nutritional needs of the body, avoiding falling into nutritional deficiencies.

There are many tips for transitioning from a regular diet to a vegetarian diet. Learn the essential nutrients in vegetarian food, for example, and save some tips and recipes from vegan websites or vegan food stores. You can also menu items that are meat-free but still provide enough protein, making gradual changes starting with familiar meat-free foods (like cheese and salads), then adding to your list other vegetarian foods.

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