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When we are tired, going through the shallows and depths of the physical world, we just hope to wake up every morning to see a green heart like a leaf, leave behind the lavish vanities, embrace the peace.

That’s why, so many waves and storms still come to us day by day. We often look at others to compare, to fluctuate, to win or lose, which also means we have put ourselves in a fierce race.

Are you tired? Yes Yes!

When I’m tired, going through the shallows and deeps of the mortal world, I just hope to wake up every morning to see my heart as green as a leaf, leaving behind lavish vanities, accepting peace.

How to learn to “bring wisdom” without “birthing troubles”

Can we do it? It’s difficult, because we long for peace but don’t realize that: The day our mind is at peace, the waves will disappear. We can’t ask for freedom from the outside while our hearts are not yet free. Only when we can let go, think, see, and forget, can we find our mind at peace. The pages of the book tell us:

This life, like a cloud, each person looks at and imagines a shape for himself.

This life, like an open question, each person has their own answer.

This life, like a cup of tea, each person will have their own way of enjoying it.

Life is about leisure and fun. Instead of trying hard, let things become natural, leisurely. If you are too tired, sit down, enjoy a sip of tea, look at a flower, live peacefully. If people’s hearts are as wide as space, let our minds calm down.


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