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On the afternoon of June 16, 2022 at Thien Chau Pagoda (BTS’s office hall, ward 3, Tan An city, Long An province) solemnly held a preparatory session for the 10th Provincial Buddhist Congress for the term 2022-2027.

The preparatory session chaired by: HT. Thich Hue Tri – UBCV, Head of the Legal Department of the Vietnam Buddhist Sangha; HT. Thich Thien Hue, HT. Thich Hue Hong – Co-evidencing the provincial Buddhist Sangha BTS; HT. Thich Minh Thien – Youth Councilor, Head of the Provincial Committee of the Vietnamese Buddhist Sangha; TT. Thich Quang Tam – Youth Councilor, Deputy Head of the Central Committee of the Vietnamese Buddhist Sangha of Vietnam; TT. Thich Minh Tho, TT. Thich Le Tri, HT. Thich Thien Tai, HT. Thich Giac Nguyen, TT. Thich Duc Hoang – Co-Deputy Vice President of the BTS Department of HT Province. Thich Tac Phi – Deputy Head of the Provincial Committee of the Vietnamese Buddhist Sangha; DD. Thich Le Ngon – Head of the Department of Propaganda of the Vietnamese Buddhist Sangha in the province; DD. Thich Thien Danh – Deputy Secretary, Chief of Office of the Vietnam Buddhist Sangha BTS Office; DD. Thich An Nhut – Head of the Provincial Committee to Guide Buddhists of the Vietnamese Buddhist Sangha

On the side of the government, there were: Mr. Cong Hoang Bach – Deputy Head of the Provincial Party Committee’s Mass Mobilization Department; Ms. Le Thi Cam Tu – Vice Chairman of the Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee; Mr. Nguyen Van Mung – Head of the Provincial Religious Affairs Committee, and a large number of official delegates attended


Speaking at the opening ceremony, Most Venerable Thich Minh Thien, Head of the Provincial Executive Committee shared: After nearly 40 years, corresponding to 9 working terms, Buddhism in Long An province with the spirit of solidarity, harmony, gradually stabilized. determine, develop; always show the spirit of entering the world, committed to serving the Dharma and the Nation; actively contributing to building Long An’s homeland more civilized, rich and beautiful, for the 2017 – 2022 term, Long An Buddhism has always received close attention and timely direction from the Central Committee of the Vietnam Buddhist Sangha and support from Provincial leaders, creating favorable conditions for monks, nuns, and followers of Buddhism to practice their religion with peace of mind, serve humanity and implement the motto “Dharma – Nation – Socialism”. This is the foundation for Long An Buddhism to continue to strive to fulfill its goals and responsibilities in the coming term. Implementing the congress theme “Discipline – Responsibility – Solidarity – Development”, the Congress will appoint a Board of Directors with enough talent.


Next, DD. Thich Le Duyen – Chief Secretary of the provincial Buddhist Sangha, approved the draft report summarizing Buddhist work for the 2017 – 2022 term, presenting the direction of Buddhism in the province for the 2022 – 2027 term.

The congress also heard presentations with the topic: “Long An Buddhist education model before reality and new requirements” by TT. Thich Le Tri – Deputy Head of the BTS Committee, Head of the Buddhist Education Department, gave a speech “meeting the needs of Buddhists to listen to the Dharma” DD. Thich Le Ngon – head of the provincial Department of Dharma dissemination presented and discussed “Long An Buddhism accompanies the nation through social charity activities TT. Thich Le Tan – Deputy Head of the Provincial Charity Department presented

HT. Thich Minh Thien summed up 3 essays the monk highly appreciated the above presentations, besides that the Venerable also asked the venerable virtues to do more research to make better contributions to Buddhism in the province. With the theme of social charity, the monk wished that in the next term, the Venerable Duc would contribute more to accompany the country – the nation to develop more.


DD. Thich Quang Tam gave an assessment and assessment during the IX term, in the last term, despite being affected by the covid-19 epidemic, with the spirit of solidarity and harmony as well as the close attention from the Venerables. As a permanent member of the Vietnam Buddhist Sangha, Long An Buddhism has developed in many fields such as: Sangha, Buddhist education, social charity.. Besides, there are also some difficulties being overcome for Buddhism in the province. continuously developing.

Representative of the DD Secretariat. Thich Le Ngon, approved the list of ordained clergy for the 2022-2027 term with 7 monks, 29 monks and approved the draft of the congress.

Directing at the preparatory session, HT. Thich Hue Tri agreed with the consultation statement of the preparatory session, the Venerable Master highly appreciated the work of Dharma propagation as well as the educational work of Long An Buddhism, the Venerable Master wished the official congress. on June 17, 2022 with complete success.

On behalf of the organizing committee, HT. Thich Minh Thien expressed his gratitude to the Venerables of the Council of Directors, thanking the authorities at all levels for attending the congress preparation session to contribute to the official success of the Congress. Wishing the Venerables and Deputies always have good health and all the best.

Earlier in the morning of the same day the delegation led by HT. Thich Minh Thien – Head of BTS led the delegation to visit the martyrs cemetery to commemorate the meritorious predecessors, and at the same time pray for the success of the Provincial Buddhist Congress.

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