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On the afternoon of June 14, 2022, the Central Committee of Nuns and Nuns led by NT. Thich Nu Tinh Nghiem – Deputy Head of the Central Committee of Nuns and Nuns, Head of the PBNG of Tien Giang Province, as the head of the delegation, visited and offered offerings to the nuns’ school at Lien Hoa Pagoda, Ward 5, City. Tra Vinh.

Accompanying the delegation was NT. Thich Nu Giac Thanh – Proof of PBNG TP. Thu Duc; NT. Thich Nu Giac Trung – Head of Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee. Thu Duc, Deputy Chief of the City People’s Committee. Ho Chi Minh City with the venerable nuns and Buddhists went in the group.

Welcoming the delegation with NT. Thich Nu Nhu Thien; NT. Like Female Nhu Lien; NT. Like Female Like Giao; NT. Thich Nu Nhu Nhan – Co-Province the Division of Nuns and Nuns in Tra Vinh province; NS. Thich Nu Nhu Thuc – Head of the Provincial Nun Division with the Venerables and Nuns, the Executive Board of the Lien Hoa Temple School.

On behalf of the division of nuns and nuns in Tra Vinh province and the nuns who live in the Lower School of Lien Hoa pagoda, NS. Thich Nu Nhu Thuc offered gratitude and expressed deep emotion when receiving the attention of the senior nuns and nuns in the Central Committee, spent precious time visiting the summer school, books as well as encouraging the spirit of study for the nuns in the province, which is the motivation for the provincial PBNG to make more efforts to successfully complete the assigned Buddhist work.


In a dignified atmosphere, NT. Thich Nu Nhu Tri – Member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Vietnam, on behalf of the delegation, read NT’s letter. Thich Nu Tinh Nguyen – Head of the Division of Nuns and Nuns Privately sent to the nuns who are living in residence PL.2566- DL.2022 across the country, a couple of lines of the letter have the passage: …”Three months of seclusion is the best time to nuns keep their minds clean and cultivate virtues. I found that every summer school has a serious training course, regularly teaches Sutras, Laws, and Arguments to create enough conditions for nuns to maintain mindfulness and practice happily. What more noble blessing is there? Practitioners, don’t forget: Cultivating like a first mind, becoming a Buddha with the remainder…”

On behalf of the Lower School Administration, NS. Thich Nu Nhu Dien – UV Division of Nuns in Tra Vinh province reported on Buddhist activities, living situation, the number of meditators residing and the practice of practitioners after the time of entering the summer.

Giving encouragement to the nuns and nuns to settle down, NT. Thich Nu Tinh Nghiem has instructed the meditators to practice diligently to study, unite in harmony to nurture the religion, dignify the Church, to follow the example of the senior nuns who have worked hard to cultivate for the benefit of the people. The righteous way of life is worthy of being a child of Buddha. Praying for the blessings of the Three Jewels to bless you with a healthy body, peace of mind, and growth in bodhicitta.


Here on behalf of the NT delegation. Thich Nu Tinh Nghiem also gave NT’s letter. Thich Nu Tinh Nguyen came to PBNG in Tra Vinh province with her long-term offerings.

On behalf of the Officials Committee and the nuns at the Lower School, NS. Thich Nu Dieu Hien – UV PBNG Tra Vinh province gave her deep thanks and gratitude to NT. Thich Nu Tinh Nguyen – Head of the Central Committee of the People’s Liberation Army and the senior nuns, nuns, monks and nuns in the group, together with the Buddhists, spent valuable time encouraging, encouraging, and encouraging the nuns in the Lower School of Lien Pagoda. Flower.


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