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After the COVID-19 epidemic, due to time limitations, according to the wish to study Dharma of good men and women near and far, HT. Thich Buu Chanh decided to expand his Vipassana meditation course.

After 5 extensive meditation retreats, HT. Thich Buu Chanh – head of the organizing committee said that more and more students come to practice and study, each of them has a noble aspiration towards enlightenment and liberation, and strives to practice the Dharma. The extended meditation program is applied according to the time of the pagoda’s training course. On average, the course takes place in 10 days, there are 3 courses in 1 month, starting from October 1, 10-20, 20 to the end of the month and There are professors to answer questions about learning.

We hope that, when we let go of all attachments from the outside, the most valuable thing is the time to create a connection so that everyone can realize the value of an impermanent life. meditators achieve good results..



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