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On the morning of June 9, 2022, the 7th Buddhist Congress of Ninh Binh Province, term 2022-2027, was honored to welcome the Most Venerable Most Venerable Thich Tri Quang – Acting Dharma Master of the Vietnam Buddhist Sangha to prove the congress. and have a word of encouragement to the monks and nuns, Buddhist Buddhists of the province in the new term.

The Most Venerable Elder expressed his joy in the presence of a large number of Venerables and Venerables, proving the Congress, “This is a rare thing and a great honor for Buddhism in the province. If we look a little further, we will see that what we have today is inheriting the career left by our ancestors.

He emphasized, “Although Ninh Binh is a small province, it was very important in the early days of the nation’s founding, with a smooth combination of Buddhism and the Vietnamese people through Zen masters such as Khuong. Master Viet, Zen Master Van Hanh… All of the Zen masters had the most merit in bringing Buddhism into the government, thanks to the Buddhist thought and morality of inspiring the people of the enlightened monks. contributed to the peace and governance of the country and foreign relations of the Dinh and Le dynasties at that time. Therefore, Ninh Binh can be said to inherit that great cause of the country and the nation over thousands of years of history.

Today, Vietnam is a country moving towards socialism, which means building humanity. Buddhism is always associated with the nation and adapts to each era. Vietnam is a country that cares about all walks of life, and the weak are not left behind. This is also consistent with the great compassion of Buddhism. Therefore, the Most Venerable Elder believes that the leaders of BTS in the past terms have done this well, and at the same time, hopes that the provincial Buddhist leaders in the new term will do even better, combining smoothly. Moreover, close relationship with the government and people of the province so that Ninh Binh becomes more and more rich and beautiful, on par with other provinces in the country.


The noble arrival of the Elder Most Venerable Quyen Dharma Master of the Vietnam Buddhist Sangha is an honor and a great source of motivation for the monks, nuns and Buddhists of Ninh Binh province. I hope that in the new term, the new provincial BTS will promote the spirit of six peace and develop Buddhism in the province like the words of the Venerable Elder.



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