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Recently, Tzu Chi, a Buddhist humanitarian and charity organization based in Taiwan, donated US$10 million to support the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) to help refugees. in increasing numbers due to the armed conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

“The conflict in Ukraine is a crisis for children. Every day, more and more children are forced to leave their homes, leaving everything they know behind in a desperate search for safety. As humanitarian aid dries up, the support from the Buddhist organization will help us reach more families and children as well as those who need our help.” , said Ms. Carla Haddad Mardini, Director of UNICEF Private Fundraising and Partnerships in Geneva.

The support for UNICEF comes after the organization launched its humanitarian aid project in March with the slogan: “Love and compassion for Ukraine”. Through this plan, Tzu Chi hopes to be able to provide essential supplies for individuals and families fleeing Ukraine because of this armed conflict.

Tzu Chi Buddhist Foundation in Taiwan

“So far, nearly 4.7 million refugees have left their homeland to flee to neighboring countries. UNICEF estimates that more than two million refugees are children, many of them separated from their families and unaccompanied. In such circumstances, support from the Buddhist organization Tzu Chi will help UNICEF provide vital and necessary protective services to children and their families, including identifying which children are left unattended. companionship, psychosocial support and protection of children from sexual exploitation and abuse, as well as other services”, a representative of Tu Te Foundation said in a recent share.

The humanitarian organization Tzu Chi is working to help and support the Ukrainians, its activities include providing essential supplies to refugee families in 3 cities in Poland, and help them have access to psychosocial, emotional and spiritual care. The organization also added that it will expand this aid project to more than 15,000 people by the end of June this year.

“The Tzu Chi Buddhist Foundation is very concerned about the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine and neighboring countries. With our overriding goal of alleviating suffering without distinction of religion, ethnicity or culture, our foundation will be committed to supporting the quality of the health and well-being of children and families. family at this crucial time.

More efforts and collaborations are needed from governmental and non-governmental organizations, corporations as well as local communities to ensure that all needs are met with kindness, respect, and compassion. and love. Therefore, we are delighted to support UNICEF in providing necessary services to the children and families affected by the Ukraine crisis,” said Vice Chairman of the Foundation Board of Directors. Tu Te Nhan, Uncle Van said.

The Tzu Chi Buddhist Foundation was founded in Taiwan by Senior Sister Cheng Nghiem in 1966. With the aim of “putting compassion into action”, it is a United Nations-recognised NGO with approximately 10 million supporters and 432 offices in 51 countries and regions. The organization regularly works in the areas of humanitarian aid, health care, education and environmental sustainability.

With the spirit of Buddhism incarnated, Venerable Trinh Nghiem expressed his deep belief that all people have the capacity to show great compassion like the Buddha. The nun emphasized that true compassion is not simply empathizing with the pain of others, but also reaching out and alleviating the suffering of sentient beings with concrete actions.


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