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China has an extremely mysterious ancient camphor tree in Fujian. A Buddha hid in the hollow of a thousand-year-old tree as big as the palm of his hand. Up to now, the truth of this “tree hugging Buddha” is still a mystery.

The thousand-year-old “tree embracing Buddha”


Camphor tree hugs Buddha statue in Khao Dinh village, Kien Duong city (Fujian, China). There are many ancient camphor trees here. Even in the middle of summer, you can’t feel the intense heat because there are large trees that give cool shade.

At the entrance to Khao Dinh village, there is an extremely majestic camphor tree, its branches and leaves spreading out to give off a green shade. It is known that this ancient camphor tree is 36 meters high, has a trunk diameter of 10.5 meters, a canopy width of 900 square meters, and is more than 1,000 years old.

The most special and mysterious thing about this ancient camphor tree is that there is a hole in the trunk, inside there is Buddha 60cm high.

Buddha statue revived after 700 years of disappearance


However, the phenomenon of the camphor tree hugging the Buddha image has attracted many Buddhists from all over China to pay respects.

Tree hugging Buddha“In Fujian is a unique landscape of China. Compared with the head of the Buddha statue hidden in the roots of ancient trees in Thailand, the thousand-year-old camphor tree has embraced the Buddha statue in its large body.

This mysterious sight certainly created a lot of suspicion. How could a Buddha statue lie inside such a tree trunk?

The story behind the “tree hugging Buddha”


According to locals, there is an equally mysterious story behind this ancient camphor tree.

The Buddha statue was shaped right in the crack in the trunk of the camphor tree by disciples of Chu Hi (a Chinese calligrapher, historian, philosopher, politician, and writer of the Song Dynasty) to imagine. miss him. As the camphor tree got bigger, the crack in the trunk narrowed and finally hugged the Buddha statue inside.

Giant Buddha carved in gold on the mountain in Thailand

However, some people have a different opinion. Accordingly, they believe that the old tree hugging the Buddha statue is just an arrangement aimed at promoting the development of the local tourism economy. After that, they woven the story of Chu Hi to add mystery and solemnity because this land is related to this Song Dynasty saint after all.

Therefore, the thousand-year-old tree that hugs the Buddha statue in Fujian is still a mystery to this day.

In addition, beside the ancient camphor tree, there is also a small 300-year-old camphor tree. Therefore, the locals call these two camphor trees “Mother trees”, and are listed in the list of 46 oldest ancient trees in China.

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The mysterious old tree has boosted the tourism of the whole village, and many people come here just to see this thousand-year-old camphor tree.

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