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On the evening of June 5, 2022 (On May 7, the year of the Tiger), at Linh Son Pagoda (PR City – TC, Ninh Thuan), the Dharma sect and its disciples solemnly performed a ceremony to ask for humiliation. The body of the late Elder Most Venerable Dong Ha Tam entered the golden coffin.

Quang Lam proves and prays with HT. Thich Quang Xa, Vice Chairman of the Central Executive Board of the Vietnamese Buddhist Sangha, HT.Thich. Hanh The – Member of the Youth Council, Head of the Provincial Buddhist Sangha BTS, Head of the Funeral Organizing Committee; HT. Thich Thien Niem – Head of the Provincial Buddhist Ceremonies Committee, together with the Standing Honorable Men of the Provincial Executive Committee, monks and nuns abbot of monasteries, viharas, and retreats inside and outside the province, and a large number of Buddhists from near and far attended.

At the ceremony, the funeral organizers and followers of the Dharma invited the Blessed One to visit the Great Hall of the Lord, burn incense and white Buddha, and perform the ritual of chanting and praying for the Giac Linh Elder, Most Venerable Most Venerable Thuong Dong Ha Tam Tan. President was awarded high post of Buddhism.

Next, at the Giac Linh hall, Chu Ton Duc demonstrated that he had paid attention to and performed the ritual of sending the holy temple, the golden gate and the body of the late Elder Most Venerable Thich Dong Tam. In the dignified atmosphere, the congregation single-mindedly recited the Buddha’s name, the bells and drums continued to ring, and the disciples and disciples asked for the body of the Most Venerable Master to leave the staff to enter the golden gate.

Venerable image of the Venerable Master.

Venerable image of the Venerable Master.

It is known that the late Most Venerable Most Venerable Dong Ha TAM self-tong Chi brand Vien Thong:

– Member of the Central Committee of the Vietnamese Buddhist Sangha

– Former member of the Executive Council of the Vietnamese Buddhist Sangha, term IV-V-VI

– Former Head of the Executive Board of Vietnam Buddhist Sangha, Ninh Thuan province, term II, III, IV

– Former Rector of Ninh Thuan Secondary School, Courses I, II, and III

– Former Member of the People’s Council of Ninh Thuan Province (1992-2006)

– Former member of Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee of Ninh Thuan province (1992-2012)

– Proving the Sect of Lam Te Chuc Thanh

– Monastery of Linh Son Pagoda – Thap Cham

– Medals for the cause of national unity, certificates of merit from the Prime Minister, certificates of merit of the Vietnamese Buddhist Sangha and many other noble awards.

Due to his advanced age and weak health, although he was cared for by the Executive Board of the Vietnam Buddhist Sangha of Ninh Thuan province, and by his followers, who were devoted to taking care of him, but his fate had changed, so the Venerable Master passed away peacefully at: 2 00 minutes, June 5, 2022 (on May 7, the year of the Tiger), at Linh Son Pagoda, City. Phan Rang – Thap Cham, Ninh Thuan province. The world: 88 years, 58 Ha Lap. The Venerable’s funeral was organized by the Central Committee of the Church, from June 5 to 10, 2022 to May 7-12, at Linh Son Pagoda, Ninh Thuan. The visitation ceremony takes place at 7 a.m. on May 8, the year of the Tiger. The late Monk’s golden coffin is enshrined at Linh Son Pagoda, p. Do Vinh, City. Phan Rang- Indigo Tower, Ninh Thuan province and entered the Vien Thong Stupa in the temple grounds where the late Venerable Master once lived.

After the entrance ceremony, the Ritual Board instructed the Dharma disciples to receive the funeral to repay the master and express their boundless regrets, from here the swallows flew to the West and could no longer listen to the teacher’s instructions.

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