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Eternity is forever so unchanged. We are in the age of science, the achievements from quantum physics have taken human perception very far in the perception of the world. Nothing stands still for a split second.

We have race since the birth of the country, our family from there. Our family tradition is not new born from the day there was Buddhism, there was Christ. We are not even born yesterday since the Party.

The nation or the people are the compatriots, all descended from one father and one mother with the idea of ​​loving and caring for each other. That is our ancestors and parents are the closest ancestors. We, or our father and mother, are inseparable from the ethnic community. Thinking about the nation is thinking about the people, including parents, grandparents and ancestors.

We have ancestors. We have roots. The two young people who are coming together are not people without cultural roots.

Facing in front of the ancestral altar, Vietnamese people are very aware that they are facing the noble symbol of their roots. Vietnamese people are proud of that, because they know their ancestors are there to witness today’s solemn work of their children and grandchildren. In deep contact in such sacred moments with their ancestors, the Vietnamese see their ancestors present in every cell of their body.

Above all is the sense of race. The Vietnamese son and Vietnamese daughter feel that they have a duty to continue the race, so they have committed to come together to live in harmony, forming the basic element of community building: Family.

Westerners also have spiritual needs on the wedding day. But instead of looking to their ancestors, they go to the church to ask for God’s witness. Vietnamese people also have great spiritual facilities in the village community such as communal houses, pagodas, churches of their sect… But why don’t they go to those places to express their spiritual intentions on the wedding day?

Our forefathers were conscious, wanted to take the family element as the basis, and the origin as a noble symbol. The ancestral altar in the family is the main and vital place for people and for filial piety. That is the Vietnamese religion: Ancestor worship. Filial piety is filial piety in the family, filial piety to parents. No one goes to the temple to pay filial piety to the Buddha, to the gods while leaving their parents in the house.

Return. It is a phrase that defines the Vietnamese people’s outlook on life with their roots. That’s when someone just passed away. When there is a person in the house who has just died, there will be an elderly person who has equal status or who has just passed away and burns incense with the ancestors. This is what needs to be done as soon as possible. That person dressed neatly in front of the altar to worship and report the deceased back to the ancestors, asking the ancestors to receive.

In my hometown, I still suspect Trieu To. This is an extremely important ceremony in a filial ceremony. Trieu is to return, to return to worship the ancestors to receive the witness of the ancestors.

Life can be about following a career and going to work far away from home. Because busy making a living is better than losing to life, but sometimes neglecting filial piety. How to live to avoid awkward times when living with the family to worship ancestors, but painfully remembering the sentence: “Leave incense is not separated from ancestors”. And, closing your eyes is the time to “meet” your ancestors and “reunite” with your ancestors. IS RETURN – IS FIRE INTO THE SOURCE.

That is the first thing to do when a loved one has just passed away. What a Vietnamese person is really worried about is not being accepted by his ancestors. “Returning” without being accepted, not being welcomed into the arms of the “national family”, not being reunited with ancestral roots, is a great shame.

Every day, when incense is lit in front of the ancestral altar, what Vietnamese people feel ashamed of is that they are not worthy of their ancestors and the race entrusts the responsibility to bring beauty and goodness to the future to build the country. . Because the Vietnamese know that one day they will definitely return to the real world, that is the day they leave the ocean.

It is because of the importance of returning, of the roots that Vietnamese people consider a light death as a long and close trip as friendly as returning to the old place. Vietnamese people have the custom of buying coffins before they die when they are old. My teacher passed away at the age of 78. Ten years ago, he went to buy himself a coffin. He left the coffin next to his bed in the room. I was young at that time, so I was told by my teacher, this is where he will lie down in the future. I often work with the teacher to lift the coffin lid to clean the inside.

I don’t know if there’s any other people in the world that deal with such a beautiful death or just their own.

There is no eternity. Eternity is forever so unchanged. We are in the age of science, the achievements from quantum physics have taken human perception very far in the perception of the world. Nothing stands still for a split second of time. The concept of eternity is an empty and irrelevant word.

From now on, we stagger in front of language so as not to recognize the value handed down by our ancestors for thousands of years?


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