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At noon on June 2, 2022, in the traditional room of the Ho Chi Minh City Photographic Association – HOPA (HNATP) a press conference “Announcing the results of the Art Photo Contest: Buddhism accompanies the Nation”.

This contest is part of a series of activities to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the establishment of the Vietnam Buddhist Sangha and the 10th Buddhist Congress of Ho Chi Minh City, term 2022-2027. The art photo contest “Buddhism accompanies the nation” is organized by: HNATP, the Vietnam Institute of Buddhist Studies (VNCPHVN) and the Ho Chi Minh City Buddhist Sangha Cultural Department; under the sponsorship of Giac Ngo Pagoda; with media sponsorship by Buddhism Today TV units, HTV, VOH, QPVN,… and press agencies such as Enlightenment, Thanh Nien, Tuoi Tre, Saigon Giai Phong, Photography and Doi Moi. Living,…

The press conference was chaired by representative members of the Executive Committee of HNATP including: NSNA. Doan Hoai Trung – Chairman; NSNA. Nguyen Hong Nga – Vice Chairman; NSNA. Huynh Tri Dung – Member of the Executive Committee.

Representatives of the Venerables in the Vietnamese Buddhist Sangha include TT.Dr. Thich Nhat Tu – Member of the Vietnamese Buddhist Sangha, Deputy Director of the Vietnamese Communist Party; TT. Thich Tam Hoa – Deputy Head of the Culture Department of the Vietnam Buddhist Sangha in Ho Chi Minh City; DD. Thich Chi Giac Thong – Deputy Head and Chief Secretary of the Ho Chi Minh City Buddhist Sangha Cultural Department – ​​and Journalist, jurist Ho Minh Son, Director of Market Research Institute – Institute of International Communication.

TT. Thich Nhat Tu made the opening speech that: “The art photo contest: “Buddhism accompanies the Nation” is a cultural and religious event of great significance. For the first time, HNATP cooperates with VNCPHVN and the Cultural Department of the Vietnam Buddhist Sangha of Ho Chi Minh City to organize a prestigious, novel, and professional contest to invite brainstorming contributions from the perspective of artwork. The entries help convey the Buddhist aspect of entering the world, saving lives and helping life with messages of compassion and wisdom; uphold the spirit of kindness and sharing; together with the desire for peace and prosperity in the companionship and development between Buddhism and the nation. After more than two months, from the time of launching, receiving works, until the time of judging and announcing the awards, we have received more than 1200 works by 118 authors. This is a huge success, showing the great interest and support of the photography artist community for the contest.”

The Venerable also said that the contested works were divided into two main groups, namely the group of still images and the group of moving images. Still photos are patiently waiting for a long time by photographers to capture the most precious moments, perfect in terms of composition, lighting, angle, content to produce images. Impressive and sacred images of pagodas and Buddha statues in Vietnam. They have very high aesthetic value, contributing to promoting the image of culture, religion and tourism of the provinces, cities in particular and Vietnam in general. As for the moving images, the photographers have produced works that reflect truthfully, vividly, and boldly the currents and times of Buddhism’s incarnation in social welfare and national security activities. people such as the prevention, control and support of those affected by the Covid19 pandemic; charity activities, helping disadvantaged and unfortunate lives; festivals, seminars, talks, spiritual activities, Buddhist culture, etc.


Mr. Doan Hoai Trung, Chairman of HNATP said he was very pleased with the success of this contest. The art photo contest “Buddhism accompanies the Nation” is a contest full of humanity, aesthetics, and great value in terms of art, culture and religion. Through the contest, we have had a clear feeling about the cohesion, mutual support and companionship between the community of monks, nuns, Buddhists in Vietnam and the Vietnamese people in the process of building and developing the country according to the principles of international law. the spirit of Dharma – Nationalism – Socialism advocated by the Vietnamese Buddhist Sangha. He also hopes that the positive and humane messages and values ​​that the contest brings will be widely spread to the community and society, serving as a premise for future events on a larger scale. in terms of quantity and quality.

During the period from April 4 to May 9, 2022, the contest organizers received more than 1200 entries from 118 authors from all over the country. On May 10 and 11, 2022, the members of the Jury Council conducted a public and transparent scoring process according to a set of criteria on photographic techniques, artistry, content, etc. of the contestants. work. Finally, the organizers agreed on a list of 13 works and winners including: 1 first prize, 2 second prizes, 4 third prizes and 6 consolation prizes.


13 winning works and 132 other excellent works will be honored at the Award Ceremony and Opening Ceremony of the Art Photo Exhibition: “Buddhism accompanies the Nation”, taking place at 7:00 a.m., June 13/. 2022, in Vietnam Quoc Tu. Besides, TT. Thich Nhat Tu and the Buddhist Foundation of Today, the Temple of Enlightenment also sponsored human, financial and material resources for the publication of picture books about the contest, contributing to promoting the noble message “Serving Humanity – Good”. A beautiful life – Enlighten Buddha Dharma – Protect the nation and people” of Vietnamese Buddhism with nearly 55,000 monks and nuns and more than 4.6 million lay Buddhists for the country and nation.


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