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The Institute of Pure Law – Dai Tu An pagoda (Pung town, Dan Phuong district, Hanoi) organized an offering to 18 summer schools in Hanoi on May 22 and 29.

According to Venerable Thich Tien Dat, abbot of Dai Tu An Pagoda, every year, the Buddhist ashram, the online basic Buddhist teaching class at Dai Tu An Pagoda, all solemnly organize an offering program to the lower schools. wish to create good conditions for good men and women.

Venerable Thich Di Nhat on behalf of Buddhists made white offerings at the lower school of Vu Lang pagoda (Thanh Oai district, Hanoi).

This year, after a short time of launching, nearly 500 Buddhists have raised their hearts to support pure wealth and pure objects with a total value of hundreds of millions of dong to donate to 18 schools such as Dai Tu An pagoda (Dan district). Phuong), the lower school of Thay pagoda (Quoc Oai district), the lower school of Nha Phuc pagoda (Hoai Duc district), the lower school of Vu Lang pagoda (Thanh Oai district)…

Pure objects offered to schools include food, food, personal necessities, school supplies…

Joining the journey of making offerings, the Buddhists together vow to dedicate their hearts to the Buddha Dharma for longevity, peaceful living beings.


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