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If in this country there are many people with “kindness” like the Ke Sala couple, where are the greedy, selfish people who deceive the compatriots, and where are the lonely people in the corner of the market, dragging their feet? throughout the country, but there are not enough rice bowls to fill the stomach, wear clothes to cover the body!

Ages Buddha In the world, in Hoa Na, most people believe in Buddhism. Ke Sa La and his wife, thanks to that spiritual influence, are famous as a virtuous couple.

The Ke Sa La family is very poor, they have to work hard every day, struggle with rice and clothes, but the husband and wife are still happy and intimate, living in poverty, never for the sake of money or fame. but tarnished the purity of the heart of the couple.

In addition, he did not forget to bring the Dharma that he had understood, encouraging people to return to the good path, which he could undertake.

At that time, the suburbs of Hoa Na had just had a crop failure and plagued with disease, so the people there were hungry and died a lot. The benefactors in the present country, either collectively or individually, come to the temple to organize many alms-givings. First ask the monks to pray for those who have just died because of the epidemic to be overcome and the epidemic epidemic that is raging will end quickly, then distribute the items to the hungry victims…

Because of their hard work in their livelihood, and also rarely traveling to distant places, the disease and famine raged in the suburbs without the Ke Sa La couple knowing anything.

As usual, every morning Ke Sa La and his wife split up to the landowners’ houses to work as hired laborers. But strangely, this morning, Ke Sa La went a little way to meet bourgeois people, neatly dressed, followed by family names carrying burdens of rice, blankets, clothes…

Meeting two or three times like that, Ke Sa La was constantly surprised, stopped to ask, then he knew that the suburb was in distress and these bourgeois people brought items to the temple to open alms.

Excited by the love of fellow man, yet more pitiful for his poor fate, while the compatriots are suffering from hunger and yet they have no money, one pound of rice, one pill to help…

The more he thinks about it, the more painful it is!

Doing good is never enough!


In his mind, many question marks appeared: How can there be money to help other people?

And he prayed that:

“If there is a way to have money for rice to give, even if his body is tormented for the rest of his life, he will gladly exchange it.”

At this point, Ke Sala no longer needed to do business, snuck home.

In the evening, when his wife came back, she saw her husband with a sullen face, sitting alone, sighing and sighing, seemingly frustrated because of something…

The wife was afraid to ask her husband, but he looked for an opportunity to escape, because he knew in advance that:

“If you tell the truth to your wife, it won’t do you any good, but will cause more sorrows for your wife like me.”

But after two or three earnest questions from his wife, Ke Sala did not have the heart to hide it anymore, so he told his wife the beginning and end of the story…

His wife is no less than him, sad, sad, and lamenting like him!

But after thinking for a while, the sister-in-law enthusiastically said:

– If you are willing, I will come to help the rich, receive some money anyway, to work. charity.

Ke Sala did not approve, and he did not bear to let his wife and daughter suffer alone to serve everyone with his body.

The wife said:

– Or we both come to work for a rich man, first receive a large amount of money for alms, then can help each other in heavy work.

This idea was happily approved by Ke Sala…

So the next morning, the Ke Sa La couple set out to a rich house next to the village, asked for help and received some money in advance.

Having heard that Ke Sa La and his wife were virtuous people, the rich man immediately agreed and loaned him and his wife a year’s worth of money in advance, and was allowed to return home for seven days to arrange work, and if in In those seven days, Kesala and his wife brought back the full amount of money to return to him, and he also willingly returned the freedom to the couple.

With money and papers, Ke Sa La and his wife were very happy, went to the market to buy items… And went to the nearby Dan Ba ​​temple, please set up an alms-giving at the temple, after six days of prayer, on the third day. seven will distribute the items.

This work is very suitable for compassion, seeing the sincerity of the Ke Sa La couple, so the monks in the temple are dedicated to helping, so that this almsgiving can be fully completed.

In the afternoon of that day, the native King also sent people to transport a lot of items to Dan Ba ​​pagoda to celebrate and also set a Saturday to give alms.

Discharge your fortune to do merit, accumulate blessings to eliminate karma



The Abbot of Dan Ba ​​Pagoda said to the king:

– On that day, Ke Sa La and his wife planned to open the festival first, and asked the king to join the alms meeting, otherwise, postpone it to the next day.

The king said:

– I lack money but have to live with other people and I’m on the road of a sovereign, won’t a certain Ke Sala not let me have my wish, or what?

The abbot brought the story to Ke Sa La and his wife. Ke Sala asked the abbot to buy the king:

– The husband and wife ask for guilt, but cannot change the almsgiving to another day.

With that resolute intention, the king was very surprised, asked Ke Sala to ask him.

In front of the king, Ke Sala brought all the facts and said clearly:

– My husband and I sold ourselves to a landlord for money to open an alms festival. On the eighth day, we officially became his servants, no longer walking freely.

After listening to the story, the king greatly admired the gesture of the couple Ke Sala.

The king lamented sadly:

“If there are many people in this country”loving-kindness“Like the Ke Sala couple, where are the greedy and selfish people who deceive the compatriots and where are the lonely people in the corner of the market, dragging themselves around the country, without having enough food to feed their stomachs and clothes? cover yourself!

Immediately, the king sent someone to bring gold and silver to reward and issue a decree to give Ke Sa La and his wife a lifetime of benefits in ten communes.

Again the king called to Kesala and his wife, saying:

“This is the present reward” of those two, and I am pleased to allow them to open the alms on Saturday so that both of them can be satisfied.

Ke Sala and his wife were moved to thank the king. And that couple, not forgetting to recite the Buddha’s grace that he and his wife had done:

“Virtue Merciful, to improve the Way of Life”. So now I have met the virtuous king, bringing him and his wife to a life of happiness and wealth.

“Leading a blind man across the street, giving him a broken hand a rag, picking up a thorn in the middle of the road, and giving an ant a grain of rice are all called almsgiving.”

Excerpt from “Buddhist Fairy Tales”


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