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I believe in evidence and practical experience: “A good house has a lot of fun – Good intentions are rewarded”.

People who do good deeds, although happiness has not yet come, disaster has gone far

Practice evil in daily life

During the Qing Dynasty, in Shanghai, the wife of a grandmother surnamed Zhang suffered from an incurable disease, and the famous doctors in the area had to give up. Finally, the foreign officer invited a physician from Jiangnan to come. After taking the pulse, the doctor immediately issued a prescription, which required 100 pigeon tongues. The foreigner sent someone to the market to buy 100 pigeons back, and waited the next morning to cut off his tongue to make medicine for his wife. That night, the wife of the foreign minister was lying on the hospital bed, heard the sound of pigeons, was very surprised, and asked the reason. The foreigner replied:

– In the prescription of the famous doctor, it is necessary to use 100 pigeon tongues, so that the lady’s illness will be cured, so buy the bird to go home to make medicine for the lady to drink tomorrow.

When Madame Zhang heard this, she burst into tears and said:

– When taking this prescription, whether my illness will be cured or not is not known, but the lives of 100 pigeons all died because of me. If only this medicine could cure my illness, I wouldn’t mind, please let the bird go, let the bird be free.

Grandfather Zhang listened to his wife’s advice and ordered family members to bring the birds out. And strangely, a few days later, Madam Zhang’s illness was cured without medicine. Later, two sons were born.

Children and grandchildren will enjoy good deeds

Chau Van Vuong was a vassal of the Shang Dynasty, ordained in Ky Son. Van Vuong used reason to teach people, and used virtue to inspire people. Ke Ky Son is the two countries Ngu and Nhue. These two countries often quarreled over a small piece of land in the border area, the two sides fought for a long time but still could not decide, finally King Ngu and King Nhue both went to Ky Son to ask Van Vuong to act as an arbitrator to judge. When entering Ky Son land, seeing that the people here give way, helping each other in farming, King Ngu and King Nhue looked at each other, both of them felt ashamed. King Ngu said:

– We are petty people, not worthy to step into the land of the gentleman, the farmers here still know how to be polite, the two of us are kings of a country just because of a small piece of land that we have such a lowly dispute, What face is there to meet Van Vuong?

King Nhe thought that King Ngu’s words were true, and in the end, the two sides brought the long-disputed land to Van Vuong and stopped fighting. Because of being moved by the virtues of Van Vuong, the two countries Ngu and Nhue avoided war and lived in peace. Van Vuong’s virtue is great.

Quote from Thai Thuong Touch Thien


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