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After the success of a series of works written on Buddhism, recently author Ly Tu – who has spent more than 30 years researching and writing about Buddhism, continues to publish 3 more works that attract readers’ attention by boldly writing about Buddhism. educational properties, helping people change their perception of life in a positive way.

Application of intellectual games for readers to understand Buddhism easily

Those who have read books written by author Ly Tu will surely enjoy because of the real-life, non-academic guidance, helping readers easily access and understand the Buddhadharma.

Three newly released works of author Ly Tu have attracted the attention of many people

Readers receive autographed books from author Ly Tu at the launch of a new work

Readers receive autographed books from author Ly Tu at the launch of a new work

Having spent more than 30 years studying Buddhism, author Ly Tu understands the difficulty of readers when approaching Buddhism, so he uses an applied writing style that can be accessed and understood by anyone. spiritual and educational values ​​of Buddhism.

In most of the works that Ly Tu wrote such as No Object, Buddhism and Zen, Anh Loi, Tam Phap…, he aims to give readers the art of opening, leading the mind and helping the reader to understand deeply and understand. and know how to apply the educational value of Buddhism in daily life. Even through the works he wrote, readers will love books, more eager to read.

Recently, in Hanoi, when releasing three new works, Anh Discourse 2, What’s here, Tam Tong and intellectual games, author Ly Tu thought: “Buddhism is an education with all the characteristics. Points of education such as scientific arguments, transforming learners from perception to reality… Buddhism is not superstitious or demagogic but has specific goals to help learners achieve from low to high and achieve the ultimate goal”.

Author Ly Tu and readers who love me

Author Ly Tu and readers who love me

In the two-volume book, The English Commentary, which author Ly Tu has just published, he summarizes his articles from 2010 to 2018, deploying many topics of Buddhism, helping readers to find most Buddhist theme in it.

For the book No Objection, author Ly Tu wrote in a question-and-answer format to serve those who are beginning to learn about Buddhism. Therefore, the questions and answers in it are gradually raised from low to high, from easy to difficult, from shallow to deep.

The book Buddhism and meditation, he wrote in the form of a teaching and learning textbook to serve those who study in depth Buddhism. This book, which systematizes the teaching and learning curriculum, explains some important concepts, as well as helps the reader to realize what the Buddhist educational system is.

As for the book Tam Phap, author Ly Tu chose to write in the style of ancient novels and most of the characters in it were fictional. This is the most easy-to-read, easy-to-understand and accessible book to Buddhism because of its gentle writing style and its applicability to Buddhism in many different situations.

In the words of author Ly Tu, his books all want to introduce to readers the art of revelation, the art of leading the mind that Buddhism calls “directly directing the human mind, seeing one’s nature and becoming a Buddha”.

Positive change thanks to Ly Tu’s book

At the launch of 3 new works and the establishment of Ly Tu’s book lovers club in Hanoi recently (April 24), many readers, many of them very young readers, came and shared their feelings. feelings when reading his books.

Nguyen Duc Hoang, 25 years old living and working in Da Nang expressed: “The first book I read from author Ly Tu was the book “Tam Phap”. More than a year ago, because of the first stumbles in my life, I was confused, afraid, uncertain. Then, by accident, I read his book, Mind Fa, and the negatives and worries gradually dissipated. If before, I wanted many things and lived selfishly, now I know how to live for others.”

Young readers like to read books about Buddhism by Ly Tu because of the simple, easy to understand, non-academic writing style

Young readers like to read books about Buddhism by Ly Tu because of the simple, easy to understand, non-academic writing style

Present at the launch of Ly Tu’s book lovers club, Ms. Nguyen Bach Hop, 49 years old (Hanoi) excitedly shared: “The first book by author Ly Tu that I read about was Unmatched Subject. This is a book that changed me a lot. Before I knew your books, I was a very stubborn, arrogant person. When I met a big event in my life, I was very pessimistic and desperate. At that time, a close friend of mine shared about Ly Tu’s books. Thanks to his books, I have been able to balance my emotions and find a more positive, optimistic lifestyle.”

With a simple, everyday writing style that is easy to read, understand, and apply, the works of author Ly Tu serve a wide range of readers, helping each person find joy in work, study, and work. such as creating a peaceful life, balance between material and spiritual life.


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