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I cannot live alone. Life is an interdependence between us and people. After decades of living in my life, I don’t know how many people have passed my life.

Perhaps we will not remember all the people we have met since we were born until now. But meeting in a certain moment or for a long time is not outside the word predestined. Whether it’s a good or bad predestined relationship, if you meet each other, you’ll already have a predestined relationship.”

Meeting you is not by chance

But countless lives have been waiting to meet each other.”

Life always gives us many lessons, whether we realize those lessons or not.

Feeling the predestined relationships in life…

People who are destined to meet each other, someone helped us with a meal, a bowl of water, slept overnight or showed us the way when we were lost. Some people help us get a job, some teach us the first words of life and love lessons from the very beginning. There are people who are destined to go with us for a long time in our journey to find the meaning of life and how many times have we received favors from them. Or the times when we feel lonely, faltering and need a word of encouragement, they are there with us and help us through the difficult times. The presence of someone, especially in difficult times, is a priceless gift that life has given us.

Some people only appear in our life once and only once, and then never meet again. They are like one Bodhisattva appear in the world to teach a lesson or to support us through a torrent of trouble. But when we find them again, their shadows are gone and sometimes we wish to see them again, even if we just bow our heads respectfully or just say a word of thanks for their presence. But whether it is once or many times, if we have a predestined relationship with someone, please let us cherish those moments to live a beautiful life, so that there are times when we regret or regret because we have lived so lightly. speakers, used to let the days pass in vain.

The people who pass through our lives, whether they give us joy or sadness, they also teach us a lesson in life. “Three people accompanies, there must be a self.” If three people go together, there will be someone who will be my teacher. Thank them, thanks to them teaching us the lessons of forgiveness and understanding that we can learn to love and appreciate people and life more. Thanks to them teaching us the lesson of gratitude that we appreciate the people we have benefited from, from the small to the great things in life. Thanks to them teaching us lessons about sweet words, noble actions and noble thoughts, we sublimate in the spiritual life.

But we also thank those who have taught us lessons from suffering to grow and be more confident in life. Thanks to them, we understand the principle “no mud, no lotus”, without suffering, there is no joy, mud and lotus are not dual, suffering and happiness are interrelated. Thank you to those who left us when we needed a refuge from which to be firmer on our feet. And thank you to all the people who have come, gone and are coming, passing through my life, thanks to them I have grown up and know how to cherish this life in every light breath.

Life always gives us many lessons, whether we realize those lessons or not. The school of life has allowed us to grow up and be strong after being clumsy. I will study forever and never graduate from the school of life. Countless lessons, thousands of blessings and challenges in life. If we calm down a bit, we will see more clearly the deep affections that life and people have given us so that we are fortunate to live a meaningful human life.

Comparing the cause and effect of giving

At some point, let’s sit very still, come back to us, with a light breath and a bright smile. Suddenly we realize that, many times we live indifferently and indifferently, losing many opportunities in this life. The people around us, also because of that naive indifference, have to suffer and suffer many times. There are moments when we sit back and look back to see that the past few days we have lived like a body without a soul and most of all, it is that shallowness that makes our mind dry and troubled.

We are not deep enough to see the face of pain, suffering and also happiness in the mind to water and nourish. We are not generous enough and tolerant to be able to love and accept those who make us suffer. That’s why I treated the people around me coldly and was empty in my heart.

Please light a candle of gratitude and send to “those who pass by my life” who have been teaching us invaluable lessons in life. lifetime fragile and short-lived. And also to those people who have made them sad and worried because of their clumsiness, an apology from the bottom of my heart.

Thank you all!

Namo Buddha Shakyamuni Buddha.


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