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At Sāvatthi, a son of a certain bourgeois man was born with an extremely ugly appearance: his mouth was wide open, his nose was sunken and sunken, his eyes were large and small, his body was short, and his whole body was black. like ink, the voice is as rude as the sound of a pig, the bigger it is, the more it looks like a demon, called the Beast.

She was hated by her parents, and eventually kicked out of the house.

At first, the Beastman went to beg for a living, but when people saw his demonic appearance, they were afraid to run away, no one dared to come near to give food. So, reluctantly, he had to hide in the deep mountains of the jungle, pick forest fruits, drink spring water to live through the day.

Poor Man, living in the depths of the forest could have been safe, but even the animals in heaven or on earth seeing how ugly he was, were afraid and shunned him. He was like a savage forest man, living only a dark life without any light.

The Buddha, with full divine vision, knew the situation, so he brought the monks into the mountains and forests to prepare to transform into a human being. But when he saw the Buddha coming, he quickly ran away. The Buddha then used miraculous powers to make him unable to run so he could not hide anywhere, standing in shock among the trees, not understanding what had happened to him.

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At that time, the bhikkhu-stilts were all sitting in the middle of meditation under the trees, the wind was blowing, the leaves were scattered around them, it was an out-of-the-ordinary scene.

The Buddha immediately transformed into an ugly person, dirty body, not a demon, not a demon, as ugly as the Puppet, holding a bowl full of food, slowly towards him. Confused, suddenly seeing an ugly person approach, at first the Beast Man was surprised, but then in his heart of joy, involuntarily exclaimed:

– This person is really my friend!

After saying this, he approached the ugly man and said:

– We are both ugly and unsightly, equally lonely, just make good friends, don’t you agree?

– Agree, but you and I must cooperate and treat each other like brothers. First of all, I would like to give you the food in this bowl.

The man who finds a soul mate is infinitely happy, without any politeness, sharing the food in the bowl with his new friend.

Having just finished eating, the Buddha’s transformation suddenly turned into a virtuous and handsome man, surprising Xun and asked:

– How did you suddenly become so dignified?

The benevolent chemistry replied that:

– It is not surprising, when I ate the food just now, I used a kind and respectful mind to look at the monks sitting in meditation. Through the blessings of that reverent mind, I became virtuous.

– Is that the method or not? Being ugly is so hard, I aspire to be as virtuous as you.

– Then you just try it like me!

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As if catching the wonderful happiness, the Nun immediately aroused the heart of repentance and the mind of joy, without a shadow of a doubt, using his good eyes to contemplate the bhikkhus sitting in meditation under the trees.

The Buddha then restored to his original form with 32 good generals and 80 beautiesHis light shines everywhere like a hundred thousand suns, causing the Beasts to automatically kneel before Him, bowing down and saying:

– Perhaps in the past I have ridiculed and ridiculed the monks who practice, so I reap the ugly retribution today. I want to leave home to study the Way to repent of my mistakes first.

– Very good! The Buddha said happily. I approve for you to become a monk, to be my disciple.

When the Buddha finished speaking, Xu’s beard and hair naturally fell off, the Dharma robe was naturally put on his body, incarnated in the form of a bhikkhu, and also received Buddha sermons suitable for listening. He practiced diligently, soon attained Arahantship, no longer afflicted by his ugly appearance.


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