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There are few people in this world who understand that they can inherently bring blessings to themselves. That is awakening.

“No matter how painful things have been in the past, you can still start over today.” But that “tomorrow” did not come to many. In the atmosphere of the Liberation Day of the South to reunify the country on April 30, many tragic historical stories were repeated. In it, there is a story that makes the reader haunt and torment forever. “The terrible night that a mother killed her child to save the whole village has passed nearly half a century, but time cannot erase that pain. The pained mother turned crazy, for 46 years she still holds the scarf that once wrapped her child, going from the upper village to the lower village singing lullabies. The story of the mother Le Thi Nghe burying her child alive so that the whole village would not be discovered by the enemy and escaped death for nearly 50 years has not come to an end. The heartache and pain of losing that child made her unable to start her life again, even going crazy. Life now is no different from death. No one wants to suffer like that in life. In this life, who does not seek peace and happiness. But peace often comes after storms. But life storms not everyone can overcome.

The first teaching of the Buddha when he attained enlightenment was the Four Noble Truths. “Four” means four. “Miracle” means wondrous, miraculous or noble. Finally, “Truth” means truth or truth. Therefore, “Four Noble Truths” means four mystical truths or four truths. “The Buddha’s post-enlightenment discourse pointed out that suffering is already an integral part of life, that suffering can be ended and that there is always a way to get rid of it.” . So that if everyone knew about the mysterious doctrine, perhaps there would be no life that seems like death. Life revolves faster and faster each day, we react to life events like a normal to insignificant habit without realizing that our souls are already so tired and exhausted. We live without knowing that sometimes in this very life we ​​need to be revived.

“The sad news from the day my mother gave me a heavy life” (Name the four seasons – Trinh Cong Son). Right from the moment life was formed, suffering followed that embryo. It is also in the “Four Noble Truths” that Tu Ton has pointed out eight kinds of suffering: Birth Suffering, Old Suffering, Illness Suffering, Death Suffering, Loving Separation from Suffering, Seeking Not to Get Suffering, Resentment, Suffering, and Five Warms of Suffering . In addition to the war stories, there are still pain echoes to this day, life always has thousands of thousands of ways, where we can also meet the hearts of many people wherever we go.

In the book “The living must also be revived” by the author Tanh Phap (Soul), there are pages to share about “mothers who need to be revived”. Those are the cases where the mother has a miscarriage due to her own intentional or unintentional mistakes from her past. The author also shared that: “And when they came to the fetal cemetery of Thanh Xuan parish (Bao Loc), parishioners established it for pregnant women in distress, on the gate was engraved the words: Safe place. take a break and wait for the day to come back to life. The number of tens of thousands of unborn babies resting here makes me very shocked. Because there are many other fetal cemeteries in our country with a larger number. The number of fetuses lost, proportional to the mothers, is probably living in a lot of torment.” Which is called torment, even over the years it can’t be erased. Just like after the terrible pandemic, as of the morning of January 10, 2022 (Vietnam time), the world recorded a total of more than 5.5 million deaths. [3]. That means that somewhere around the world there are more than 5 million pain of birth and death. The person who died is also gone, but the person who stays is also sometimes suffering endlessly. They suffered because when they were alive, they did not care and love each other more. They suffer because of ironic circumstances, so they torment forever with no way out. Turns out, resurrection is now more needed for the living than for the dead. Then, this life is not worth living. What are we born to do when we are always covered in the word suffering?

Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh once said, “What makes us miserable is wanting things to last forever, when they are not.” Yes, people suffer because of their own prejudices. After all, because of the “wants” there are “sufferings”. We want to be forever affluent, forever happy with our loved ones, forever successful and maintain our position, etc. When we are forever drifting through life to fill our lives with material values, we forget about the value part. spiritual treatment, the more we bury our lives in the night of suffering.


“Every wound is a growth.” If life is said to be a chemical equation, then suffering is an indispensable catalyst to bring about a good result. You didn’t read it wrong. People don’t want to suffer, but actually we need to suffer. Only in difficult days do you appreciate peaceful moments, and from there, inner strength can be stimulated to promote. “Big boat, big waves” and if you can’t overcome the waves of the ocean, how can you reach a peaceful shore? This life I have come and I have suffered to realize that material possessions are not the purpose of our existence. Think about it, from the car, to the house, to the savings books, etc., is it still yours when you close your eyes? We are obviously the owner of the property, but ultimately that ownership is finite over time. Can the people I love or my family finally get it?! So what do we have in this life? That is peace of mind. That peace is unchanging in the midst of the ever-changing stream of life. Just as we should be aware that everything that happens to us is not outside the law of cause and effect, so stop complaining and complaining and take the first step on this journey of “reviving from life itself”. .

Actually, there are many causes and conditions for people to come back and bow their heads under the golden light of the Three Jewels, but the biggest cause cannot be out of the word suffering. Or, when we were so hopeless, there was no way out, we had to take refuge in the religion. Then from there the effort goes up. “True Buddhists should remember that compassion is a magical remedy that cures all diseases and sufferings in life, thanks to the practice of keeping precepts, meditating and letting go” (Master Thich Dat Ma Pho Giac).

As well as the 190-191 Dhammapada, it teaches:

If you take refuge in the Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha

Only the intellectual part honors the miracle

Understanding the profound Four Truths:

Knowing what worldly suffering is,

Understanding the source of that suffering,

Know the way to end suffering

Know the wonderful Eightfold Path

Eight true paths people should follow.

We often mistakenly think that life will be peaceful when we stop suffering. But the timeless teaching of the World-Honored One has pointed out the things that bring suffering in this world that has no end. Maybe what we can end is the suffering we consider to be suffering. The day we wake up is the day we realize that: When we find peace in the midst of our insecurities, then life begins to be beautiful. “Cessation of suffering” is essentially annihilation of human desires, eradication of obscurity and clinging in the mind to begin on the path of practice. Revival here is not talking about physical death, but resurrection to the exhausted soul. Thanks to this revival, everyone’s life will become better. Many people often mistakenly think that one must take refuge in the Three Jewels, be a devout Buddhist, and be a vegetarian to practice. So how many people in this life can really get close to the Buddha’s teachings? What about the people out there? In fact, as Master Thich Dat Ma Pho Giac said: Keeping precepts – meditating – letting go; With these methods, our souls will be revived. When we are revived with a strong mind that knows how to stay in reality, when suffering comes, we still find ourselves filled with happiness and peace.


Mindfulness meditation with no-self

But perhaps before awakening enough to revive, each person needs to cultivate intellectually. Without understanding the truth of what spiritual life is, it would be impossible for us to lay the first stone in our own pyramid of awareness. When we have enough wisdom to face the truth, we must also have the courage to admit the existence of that truth to let go. So here we understand that: When it comes to resurrection we have to ask ourselves do we really want to be resurrected?

The Phuoc Duc Sutra once taught:

“Live diligently, stay awake

Learn the mysterious truth

Realize Nirvana

Is the largest merit”.

There are few people in this world who understand that they can inherently bring blessings to themselves. That is awakening.


Awake to see that, in life’s suffering, no one is without experience. No matter where everyone’s starting point is, then no one can avoid suffering. Those who have enough material wealth will suffer on their thrones. The needy will suffer at the twists and turns that life brings. But the irony is that it is better to drift in misery, people rarely pay the price for peace. “Everything in life has its price, few people are perfect. To gain this, one must lose that, to receive a lot, to give everything, to be successful and to be happy for a long time, we must pay the price with effort and perseverance in perseverance” (Master Thich Reaching Ma Universal Enlightenment). To get rid of suffering is not without a way. To revive from a wilted, wilted bud, we must compress our pain into the power to sprout and take root. “Steel has been hardened”

It is sacrificing ordinary and fleeting hours of play for times of turning inward with hours of meditation. Sacrificing fun for the sake of a healthy lifestyle. Sacrificing my own entertainment to oppress my practice days. Sacrificing days…


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