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The more doubts, the stronger the faith, the brain develops quickly, the people become smart and agile. The less doubt, the weaker the faith, the brain develops slowly, the human being becomes stupid. These are events that are easy to see in everyday life.

3. Confidentiality of evidence

Among the models that describe the process of practicing Faith, Discipline and Evidence, is a model divided into four stages that clearly explains the role of Faith.


Faith is the source of life force, the reason for human life. Faith does not exist alone, having Faith is having Doubt just as having Life is having Death. This is a natural necessity, so if there is no doubt, then there is no Faith, just like having Day is having Night, having Night is having Day, otherwise not all. This is the principle of Sac Khong in Ten Thousand Laws, the two Yin and Yang Qi in the universe. This is an interpretation of the erudite abstract that is somewhat difficult to perceive.

Humans are born, begin to have perception, develop curiosity, interest, and observe and learn from an early age. That is the phenomenon of Origin of Faith and Doubt in the human mind. The more doubts, the stronger Faith, the brain develops quickly, people become smart and agile. The less doubt, the weaker the faith, the brain develops slowly, the human being becomes stupid. These are events that are easy to see in everyday life.


The solution is to remove, remove all constraints, get rid of the deadlock, end the obstacles… With Faith is having a doubt, having a break, it is necessary to solve all doubts. Solving the Dispute means solving the Faith: Solving for no longer obstacles has the same entity as Solve Tin, which means stabilizing the Faith, to confirm that it is Right Faith, not to be confused with Ta Tin and Superstition.

Faith (Part 2)

Contemplating deeply and clearly the two stages of consciousness, Faith and Solution, have the following characteristics:

Tin is the first stage, then comes the Prize, always Khoi Tin first, then Ly Ly.

Khoi Tin is operating from the place where there is nothing, to having Tin and having Nghi at the same time. Explaining is operating from the place of having both Faith and Doubt, that is, there is a thing of Confidence but also a thing of Suspiciousness, or in other words, there is a thing that is Half Believing and Half Doubting. Righteous Faith destroys all the Doubts. Buddhism calls this the Purification of Faith.

Khoi Faith is because Thien Root or Thien Nhan has sown from previous lives, in this life, when he meets Thuan Duyen, he turns into the mind of Khoi Faith. The explanation is due to Thuan Duyen meeting in this life, reflected in the practice of practicing, meeting a good teacher, and the impact of Wisdom Power in the practitioner. Explanatory example: There are seeds from many previous lives that are obtained by cultivating virtue. In this life, the seeds need soil, moisture, and hot air to germinate, sprout roots, and through meticulous care and catching, the new tree will sprout leaves, blossom and bear fruit.


Action is implementation, application of the Reasoning part into practice, in full it is JOURNEY. The word Tri means to hold on to constantly, not to let go. Practice is to do it continuously, without distraction.

After completing the two stages Khoi Tin and Explain, you must move to the third stage, which is Hanh Tri. Reason: If you believe it, then you don’t practice it, the perception, although knowing the Truth, is only Knowledge, that is, the understanding that comes from contemplation, without practical experience, until you start working on it. often lead to erroneous results. In Buddhist terms, this is called knowledge, not enlightenment or wisdom which means full understanding with both explanation and practical experience, proverbs have a saying that if you do, you will know. Pragmatism speaks of the importance of the role of Action in the evolution of mankind. Paired words in Vietnamese such as studying, tu expressing the meaning that you must practice when you have learned, and if you have practiced, you must practice also show the importance of the role of Hanh in daily life. Folks also sarcastic when saying that Learning without good health is rote learning, Tu without Hanh is Tu howling.


Witness means to recognize as Truth, often used in paired words such as enlightenment, certification, witnessing the path, witnessing results… According to science and technology in the material world, what phenomenon or event has any control? Only evidence is accepted as the truth is the Truth. According to this positivist standard, science and technology have brought good results, discoveries and inventions that have built up the evolution of mankind today. Buddhism belongs to the humanities and spiritual life of human beings and also advocates that the Right Path must be realized in order to integrate the Truth of Truth, which teachings are not realised, can be classified as evil cults, which beliefs are not. leading to enlightenment is of the Superstition type, Ta Tin is not Chanh Tin.

In the model of practicing the Way of Faith, the final fourth stage plays the final role in describing the end of the practice of the Dharma: Realization is the attainment of the Tao.


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