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You have to contemplate the causes and conditions clearly to practice the Bodhisattva path. Those who can do it, we imitate and bring disaster.

The Lotus Sutra is said by Buddha Shakyamuni and Buddha, the Buddha of the Sound King, the Buddha Sun Moon Dang Minh, the Buddha Dai Thong Tri Thang, etc. also speak the Dharma Flower Sutra, which means that the three Buddhas all spoke the Dharma Flower Sutra. Before saying this sutra, the Buddha said spoke the Sutra of Infinite Meanings and he entered the land of Immeasurable Meanings, and it rained Mandala and Mandala flowers. Manjushri has seen this phenomenon since the time of Buddha Sun Moon Dang Minh, so it is certain that Buddha Shakyamuni now also speaks the Lotus Sutra.

Therefore, we see that the Lotus Sutra is different from other sutras, that after the Buddha finished teaching, Ananda asked what the name of the sutra was and how we should uphold it, ie the name of the sutra said last. But the Lotus Sutra says the name of the sutra first, suggesting that three generations of Buddhas spoke this sutra and this Buddha said it, and other Buddhas did not repeat it.

During the time of Buddha, there were countless verses of the Dharma Flower Sutra and Shakyamuni Buddha studied the Dharma Flower Sutra with the Buddha, it is important for us to remember to study the Sutra but not to attach to the text, but to think about the meaning. deeply, thinking with thinking to realize and we go deep into meditation to understand the true meaning of the sutra.

On the path of cultivation, there is a person who advocates upholding the four words Wonderful Dharma Lotus Flower, which Tibetan Buddhism translates as Om Mani Pad Me Hum, which means the jewel in the lotus flower. The jewel represents wisdom, so just keep these four words.


The majesty of a Buddhist

Mr. Nhat Lien advocates upholding the 7-word Namo Magical Law Lotus Sutra and if you read more of the Lotus Sutra, only half of the chapter of Song of the Earth has emerged, half of the chapter of Distinguishing merit and a chapter of the Tathagata’s longevity is enough. Since all the Buddhas have spoken in the three generations of the Sutra of the Wonderful Dharma Lotus Flower, to uphold and uphold the Dharma Flower according to the primordial door is to uphold and uphold the seven words Nammo Wonderful Dharma Lotus Sutra of the three Buddhas. To uphold and uphold the entire Dharma Flower Sutra is to uphold the accumulation of the Dharma Flower Sutra of Buddha Shakyamuni.

For Dharma flower practitioners, it is important that we think about the meaning of the sutras and practice effectively, that is, to receive and uphold the Dharma flowers of the three Buddhas, only to be protected and remembered by the Buddha, and preserved by the Dharma protector. and overcome all the obstacles.

Vietnamese people often think that they have to recite all 28 chapters of the Lotus Sutra, but the reality shows that many people chant like this all their lives, but they get nothing.

The case of Qi Thien drinking the spittoon of Bodhidharma means that the perfect application of the Buddha’s teachings has really good results. This principle should be considered by the teachers when we are enlightened, using that knowledge and enlightenment to propagate the religion must be different, we cannot repeat the words and phrases of the previous person.

Reading the Lotus Sutra, from the beginning to the end of the 28th chapter, we keep hearing about the Lotus Sutra, but we don’t see the Dharma Flower anywhere. In the 11th chapter of Show Stupa, Buddha said that he wanted to listen to the Lotus Sutra, so he came here to listen. Thus, from the first Title to the 10th chapter, is the Dharma Flower a Dharma Flower or not.

Mr. Nhat Lien explained that since the Buddha Da Bao appeared and the Buddha clones gathered in the ten directions, then the Buddha spoke the Dharma Flower Sutra, but again, do we hear what the Dharma Flower Sutra is? where, but only listen to chapter 13 Promotion and chapter 14 Peace and happiness, so are these two chapters the Lotus Sutra?

The Lotus Sutra that the Buddha meant was to open the Da Bao tower only for the core, ie get the precious jewel in the cross of the shirt, or the jewel on the top of the head. In the Lotus Sutra, there is an example of a person who is fast asleep, whose friend wears a pearl on his shirt, or an example of a man who has made merit in fighting an enemy, who is rewarded with pearls on the crown of his head by the king. Therefore, it is important that we practice to detect the pearl in the cross of the shirt, or the pearl on the top of the head.

The body of these four great aggregates is likened to a shirt one wears, but to die is to take off this four-element shirt, either returning to the original face or being caught up in the karma of birth and death. That is, in this unclean skin there is a real person represented by a jewel and there is also a demon; That’s what you should think about. Demons are in this body, Buddha is also in this body. Therefore, on the path of cultivation, we must recognize which is the Buddha and which is the ghost.

If it is a ghost inside the body, it will induce this body to do evil deeds, so inner motivation is very important. If a monk does not discover the cause within, he will practice in vain and get nothing. But find the inner motivation to transform it into good.



The motivation inside you think will see clearly as the Buddha taught is greed, anger and delusion. It is these three enemies that motivate us to sin. Among the five warm ghosts, these three are the most important.

The body of the four elements is an instrument directed by these three ghosts and motivated by countless other ghosts. What do we practice. Bhikkhu-stilts are ghost fathers, ie breaking ghosts. We practice is to destroy all evil, to prevent all ghosts. It is called subduing ghosts. If ghosts arise, we will subdue them immediately.

Thus, the Lotus Sutra is about building a moral model. Therefore, before saying the Lotus Sutra, the Buddha said that the Sutra of Infinite Meanings has three qualities: morality, wisdom, and benefiting sentient beings. This shows that the true meaning of Dharma Flower is to fully embody these three things, because practicing many sutras but having no morality, unborn wisdom and not benefiting anyone is not Dharma Flower.

To show the principle just said, bhikkhus who start to practice must practice morality first. Bhikkhu-stilts practice 4 postures: walking, standing, sitting, lying in a dignified manner. Thanks to that, the monk’s mind was peaceful and liberated, so his gait was light and elegant. Angry, sad people will be evident in their scary gait.

Most Venerable Tri Thu often said that when a monk goes from afar, he can see the beauty. Another says go like a cloud, or don’t see it. When we are gently liberated from being manipulated by ghosts, we are mindless. Indeed, when a monk or Zen master goes, the bird still rests on their shoulder, because their mind is completely at peace, unharmed.

Bhikkhu’s gait is extremely beautiful, closer look is more beautiful and living together, we learn many good things from them. Therefore, the sutras say that anyone who is so close to a bhikkhu is also at peace. If you are close to a bhikkhu and feel afraid, then who dares to approach. Personally, I say that whoever is close to this person, their mind is also at peace, and seeing countless Buddhas, quickly reach Unsurpassed Bodhi; because the mind of the Bhikkhu-stilts is so peaceful that it affects the people close to him, creating conditions for them to easily sublimate their spiritual life.

In the Lotus Sutra, Thien Tai first studied with Duc Van, whose virtue manifests as a gentle gait like flying clouds, so he was named Duc Van.

Duc Van reached three thousand majesty. Taking four positions for 250 precepts of bhikkhus into a thousand postures and combined with the three karmas of body, speech, and mind, he achieved three thousand postures and attained Arahantship.

Do not have a position, definitely have demonic obstacles, can not progress to the path of karma. Therefore, you try to keep the dignity is to keep the precepts turned into virtue. When taking the vows, the monks reminded that it was necessary to practice 250 precepts to round up to three thousand positions. At this point, we have just entered the second stage of listening to meditation, that is, cultivating precepts first and cultivating wisdom later. Cultivating wisdom first, but without precepts, is dangerous. Because of knowing a lot, but without virtue, it is easy to commit crimes and become conceited monks.

It is mandatory to have a new precept to listen to and meditate. Hearing is the study of sutras, meditation is the practice of sutras, and combining these two parts to generate wisdom.

If you want to have the Lotus Sutra, you have to go through three stages. One is to have moral precepts as a safety barrier for the cultivators’ life-spanning precepts. Indeed, the monks give enough 250 precepts to apply to 4 positions and combine with body, speech and mind to have enough 3,000 positions, it is very peaceful anywhere. It’s still not peaceful, because as a Bhikkhu-stilts break the precepts, whatever you do is magic. Keeping the precepts pure, the Buddha will protect and predict for us, and the Eight sets of Thien Long will keep us. With Buddha’s protection and mindfulness, difficult things can be done. Buddha does not protect mindfulness, using people’s foolishness, one won or two lost. I see people smarter than me, but their lives are difficult, until their bodies are ragged and ragged.

Human foolishness is the forte of the world, not the forte of the Bhikkhu-stilts. The forte of the Bhikkhu-stilts is to keep the precepts, to be patient, not to argue, to win. The sutras say that a brahmin said cruel words to him from morning to evening and even challenged the Buddha to a duel with him, the Buddha just smiled.

In spiritual practice, we strive to develop our forte, encounter angry and sad things, we are not angry, we are not sad, and we stay out of all disputes.

We have the forte of the cultivators, the people of the world have the knack for fighting. If you compare yourself with a bhikkhu’s short stature with other people, how can you be better than them? They take the teachings of beating the Bhikkhu-stilts to death as easily as not, they will criticize me for practicing but being evil, practicing but enjoying and losing enough… Because people in the world calculate all kinds of things, and Buddhists forbid it all, but if we to do is to commit a crime, to be eliminated.



Must cultivate three thousand positions. Three thousand positions can’t be counted, but once you cultivate one, people see your good, so they want to be close to you to study with you, and even defend you.

My experience of practicing for more than 60 years is peaceful thanks to everyone’s love wherever I go, not that I’m good. If they love, they help, no matter how hard they do, they will harm them if they hate, and it’s hard to escape.

Building this Pho Quang temple, it must be said that Triet was previously Secretary of the Buddhist Trade Committee. Can’t build a temple, but building a traditional house is a way to help. Not hurt, being searched, even small things can’t be done. Those who love and cherish offer billions of silver, don’t love them, even if they don’t give them a bowl of rice, they will find a way to get them even if it’s just a sandbag.

If you want to know how moral is, look around at people who love you a lot, or people who hate you a lot. The teachers later practiced religion, wherever they had a predestined relationship, they were loved by others. As for me, the Buddhist leadership of Ho Chi Minh City thanks to monks and nuns, Buddhists and the commercial government, should be able to do work in this city. If you leave me somewhere else, I’m not sure I can do it.

In the second stage, the audience attends Zen, the Buddha teaches the contemplation of cause and effect. See where you are born again and where you die. Theravada Buddhism has always considered this idea.

The karma of being born again is when you encounter things you never want, things you don’t want always…


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