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More than 1,000 trees have been planted at the Vietnam Buddhist Academy in Hanoi. This is a program organized by monks, nuns, and professors in response to the movement to build a green – clean – beautiful environment held this morning, June 24.

Responding to the call of the President of the State: “Plant a billion trees – For a green Vietnam”, On the occasion of the Seclusion season, PL.2566 – DL.2022, Vietnam Buddhist Academy in Hanoi gladly received the hearts of the Central Highlands people and Buddhists who donated trees at the Academy.

This morning, June 24, 2022 (on May 26, Lunar New Year), the Vietnam Buddhist Academy in Hanoi responded to the “Tree Planting Festival” with more than 1,000 redwood cedarwood trees, in order to contribute “for a Green Vietnam.” About proving the ceremony has:

1. HT,Dr.Thich Thanh Dat – Secretary of the Central Committee of the Vietnamese Buddhist Sangha, Chairman of the Scientific Council of the Vietnamese Buddhist Sangha in Hanoi, Head of the Hall and Judiciary of the Lower School of Soc Thien Vuong.

2. HT, Dr. Thich Thanh Quyet – Vice Chairman of the Student Council, Head of the Central Buddhist Education Committee of the Vietnam Buddhist Sangha, Director of the Vietnam Buddhist Sangha in Hanoi, the Teaching Board of Soc Thien Vuong Lower School.

3. Professor, Dr. Luong Gia Tinh – Vice Institute, Head of Education and Training Department of Vietnam Buddhist Academy in Hanoi.

4. Address: Thich Dao Man – Chief of Office of the Vietnamese Buddhist Sangha in Hanoi With 50 monks studying at the Academy.

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At present, the issue of environmental protection is a very practical job with an important relationship between the living environment, nature and people. While the earth has many changes in climate, it also directly affects many problems of the living environment, the amount of trees, and the air of people. Therefore, planting trees is a practical job that contributes to nurturing compassion, developing love for all things in every human being, and at the same time helping our country to make more and more changes together. in reducing environmental pollution, earth temperature, greenhouse effect, purifying the air, making life more valuable and beneficial to everyone. Arousing the spirit of joining hands for a green – clean – beautiful Vietnam.


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