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To take Buddha as heart is to live with Buddha mind in life, in words, in speech, in communication, in work, in everything, taking the Buddha’s compassion, taking wisdom, awareness, not Just trying to practice diligently but also helping sentient beings get rid of suffering, that is to take the Buddha as a heart.

Speaking from the simplest things, the easiest things to understand to the most sublime Dharma, we know that one of the core teachings, one of the important teachings of Buddhism, is to see the emptiness of The Fa, the attribute of the Fa, is simply the truth of all things and phenomena in the world. Those who observe and understand like that are sure that their life is wonderful. All the things that we see, we hear, we see, we know, we think are all there, we can’t see its deepening, deepening, seeing its properties. , actually the enlightenment of Buddhasimply seeing and knowing everything in this world as it really is, the Buddha clearly saw the true nature of the Dharma, saw the truth of all things and phenomena, because the Buddha saw that, he reached Enlightenment, liberation from suffering.

Nature of enlightenment is to see all things as they really are, to fear nothing, and one of the important truths is that ” The universe is not ». Like this glass of water raised in front of your eyes, is it yes or no? That is, in terms of appearance in terms of things, yes because it is obvious in front of our eyes, so what is no and why say no?, saying no will have many different levels, but if understood deeply we will see the nature of nothingness, firstly because it is impermanent, because now it is still in the Master’s hand but when the Master drops it, it is no longer there, then it has been governed by the law of impermanence, it doesn’t last forever, so it’s not real, like a 50- or 60-kilogram person can’t say no, yes, but when he dies, it will be ruined for years, three months or a few years and then also destroyed. the law of impermanence governs so it does not exist forever and cannot last forever, it is not permanent, so it is not.

The second argument is more sublime, the reason what we see is due to many causes and conditions combined, for example, to get the glass we have to use enamel, some crockery materials … and then through your hands. people knead and heat it to form a cup, actually we see it as a glass, but it’s caused by many causes and conditions, and when those causes and conditions dissolve, the glass will no longer exist, so it’s because Many causes and conditions combine to form the entity, so it is not. And under sublime wisdom, Buddha’s wisdom is not necessary impermanent shopno need to look at the perspective of dependent origination can still see the nature of this cup.

Live happily according to Buddhism


We often hear about the four great stages of emptiness. Because we understand the four great stages of emptiness, we won’t be afflicted by this body, not attached to this body, so we won’t be afflicted by this body. The four great stages are not looking at the shape of our body, when observing deeply, because of the earth – water – fire wind combined together to form this body, skin – flesh – bones … belong to the earth, then when we die our body completely disintegrates with the earth, and the blood, saliva, sweat… belongs to the water, the breath is the wind, and we must remember that this breathing is also the borrowing of the outside air, until the warmth of the heat in our bodies is of fire. So the human body is there, here it does not mean that there is no self and is governed by the law of impermanence, due to the combination of earth – water – fire, wind, if we separate 1 of those 4 things, we will not can continue to live, so the four great stages are not like that. That is, when observing deeply to the end, there is no self or self at all.

In this life, if anyone can observe like that, they will certainly be less attached to the body, less attached to things in this life. For example, if you are having trouble with something, some insecurity, such as someone who has gained a bit of weight, has a little belly, you can’t eat enough to sleep well, even go to a plastic surgeon. to suck it out, if anyone understands the four great stages, there is no such affliction. Elderly people should advise their children and grandchildren to reduce their suffering, and make sure that those who know how to go to temples to study Buddhism will have less suffering, whether rich or poor, whether wise or ignorant, if they can study the Buddhadharma or talk about it. than these four verses alone, life will be less miserable.

More profoundly, “ the five aggregates? » Shade is talking about body shape, shape, and ease. The remaining four things belong to the mind: feeling – perception – formation – consciousness. Feeling is the emotion of sadness and joy…, perception is illusion, thinking, thinking, volition is mental action, a state of mind movement, consciousness is perception, discrimination, all of these are absent. self-nature, all have no self, not that there is no but no separate self. Many people think that man is not explicitly, some people think that man is emptiness, vanity is illusory, saying that Buddhism is not human is to deny words. Not here we must understand that there is no self, no separate self, because there is no self, there is no separate self, so we do not grasp the self, do not grasp the self and mine, others. Those who do not accept the self, the mine, that person will no longer suffer.

Those who are free from self-grasping, no longer clinging to self, no longer clinging to mine, will certainly no longer suffer. When it’s clear ” The universe is not ” it is me live happily He is free to actively direct good deeds, can devote himself to all bodhisattvas in the world, and devote himself to practicing good Dharma. And if that person has an attachment, then everything is attached, home, car, property, fame, power, position and everything, such a person will find it difficult to understand the “universal realm”.

« Who takes Buddha as a heart? », everyone wants to take the Buddha as their heart, all cultivators want to take the Buddha as their heart, but few people achieve it, because they have to understand life is impermanent, understand the suffering of life, and see attributes. of the dharmas, seeing the universe, seeing the universe, seeing the images of the living beings, can we take the Buddha as our heart. You have to reach the level of no-self, to the point where you can see the true nature of the dharmas, then you can take the Buddha as your heart. This life with Buddha as the heart, above all wonderful, nothing is more wonderful.

Study Buddha, understand Buddha, follow Buddha



We remember when King Tran Thai Tong, a king of the Tran Dynasty, was both a king and a Zen master, one of the originators of Zen Buddhism in Vietnam. When he ascended the throne and observed the impermanence of everything, he went to Yen Tu to follow the Buddha to become a monk. The king climbed the mountain to meet a national teacher, Quoc Su Truc Lam met the king and asked: You are the king of a country, now what are you going to the mountain for? The poor monks on the mountain only drank spring water, ate chestnuts, and ate wild vegetables. Tran Thai Tong said: “Disciples go up the mountain to learn to be a Buddha, but don’t want anything else. King Tran Thai Tong of our country said so. The new national teacher said: There is no Buddha on the mountain, it is the pure and clear heart that is the real Buddha, so you just need to live with that Buddha mind, taking the world’s mind as your own, taking the world’s heart as your own. . Thanks to that, we have the Tran Dynasty, which is the golden age of Vietnamese history, the Tran Dynasty flourishes, people’s lives are well-fed, peaceful and prosperous, and all aspects of life are developed. Living in society, people live in love, live with the compassion of Buddhism.

It was such a teaching, so when he returned to the court as king, he lived a very simple life, all his life taking care of the people for the country, taking the responsibility of educating sentient beings, educating the people, as his duty. That is also taking the Buddha as his heart, his whole life only cares for sentient beings, for the people, for the country.

And in our lives, if we know how to take the Buddha as our heart, it’s great. To take the Buddha as our heart is to live with the Buddha’s mind in life, in words, in speech, in communication, in work, in everything. First, taking the compassion of the Buddha, taking the wisdom, the awareness, not only trying to practice diligently but also helping sentient beings get rid of suffering, that is the Buddha’s heart. We dedicate ourselves to doing good Dharma, doing good deeds to help sentient beings. If we can’t do it, don’t harm anyone. If we don’t have the ability, we can’t help people. Don’t make sentient beings suffer.

Therefore, anyone who takes the Buddha as his heart, but in Zen Buddhism, the principle of Zen Buddhism is to direct the human mind, see the nature to become a Buddha, who can see his heart is clear, live in the wisdom of wisdom, that person is a Buddha, so whoever takes the Buddha as his heart is “naturally freed from samsara”. Live like a bodhisattva in the human world, not tied to anything. We see four very simple verses, four very simple verses of the great poet Nguyen Du, but the meaning is really deep because he has a very deep understanding of the Buddhadharma.

A disciple of the Buddha, regardless of whether he is a monk or a layman, if he knows how to take the Buddha as his heart and live with a clear Buddha mind, he will be at peace in the Buddha’s righteous Dharma, aiming for liberation from samsara.

Dr. Thich Hanh Tue – Ngoc Tan


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