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People living in real life, talking is easy, but how to make words valuable is the difference. Regardless of age, it is necessary to accumulate “oral virtue”. The words that should not be said should never be uttered, and the stories that should not be told should not be mentioned.

First, be very careful with these six types of speech:

1. Straight speech

Straightforward words are words that have not been considered, seen, and uttered out of the mouth. Don’t care about other people’s feelings, don’t care about the face of the listener, just say it out loud without knowing if you’re hurting anyone or not. Straight words easily lead to unhappy endings, if a little careful speech, the listener will be comfortable and the speaker is also safer.

2. Words of confusion

Dumb words are unfounded rumors that are harmful to people and themselves. As a human, you must be in control of what you intend to say. The discussion is not clear, it is best not to participate arbitrarily. Silence is a choice, seeing through without talking is also a kind of wisdom that needs to be cultivated.

3. Words of lament

Complaints only contain pessimistic emotions, the blame of those who want to be unsatisfied. Instead of uttering negative negative words, expressing hopelessness with life, disappointment with life, affecting mood, disturbing mind, why not open your heart, look a little further, try Try harder to have a magical change tomorrow?

How to control speech


4. Bullshit words

Don’t talk nonsense in front of people, don’t argue behind their backs. The bullshit not only wastes your own time, affects the lives of others, but also lowers your self-worth and destroys the reputation of the person in question. So when talking, do not forget to respect others as well as self-respect. Many dangers come from the mouth, those who talk too much will be negligent.

5. Wild words

The wild talker always thinks he’s right, doesn’t respect anyone, works brazenly, acts rudely. They do not know that when there is thunder and lightning, there will be heavy rain, and those who talk too much will be in big trouble. Therefore, as a human, practice humility and profoundness, and you will be stable and stable.

6. Evil words

Malicious words always make people sad, causing deep hurt. In this world, a warm saying can warm you all winter, a cruel curse makes people’s heart cold in the middle of summer days. The wound of a knife, even if it is deep, will heal forever, the damage from malicious words can never be dissipated. So in any situation, please remember to be careful with words, because once spoken, there is no way to take them back.

If you keep your mouth shut, you won’t make a mistake, if you speak carefully, you won’t cause harm. For people, it is goodwill, for me it is a blessing (luck), it needs to be preserved!


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