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What do we usually fear? Fear of poverty, fear of suffering, fear of deprivation, fear of illness, fear of ghosts, fear of death, fear of loneliness, fear of old age, fear of evil, fear of being despised, fear of being alone, fear of unemployment, fear of crowds, fear of the dark night, fear of confusion, fear of no cause, fear of natural disasters, fear of accidents, fear of failure…

It seems that in life, most people are afraid of something, afraid of something, afraid of something, afraid of something. Sometimes I’m afraid but I don’t know what I’m afraid of and why I’m afraid, but I’m afraid

Feeling afraid is one of the biggest psychological obstacles on the way to happiness.

A lot of insecurity in life comes from a subtle source of fear that not everyone realizes

Who wants to reach a lifetime live happily Indeed, we must gradually eliminate the painful fears in us, to come to no longer be afraid of anything.

For people who study Buddhism, one of the true criteria to evaluate the actual level of practice is that they have eliminated some part of the fear in their hearts. Whoever has no fear, has attained the Way.

Let’s see for ourselves what we are often afraid of today. Normally, it is sometimes difficult to recognize what fears we carry within us. There are obvious and obvious fears, there are also subtle, deep-seated fears.

Overcoming fears in life


This we have to do often, especially in quiet and lonely times, in the dark when we are alone, when we face real threats. There are fears associated with the physical body, and feelings of fear that are psychological. The most tormenting and dangerous are still the psychological inner wounds that are covered, hidden by ourselves.

What do we usually fear? Fear of poverty, fear of suffering, fear of deprivation, fear of illness, fear of ghosts, fear of death, fear of loneliness, fear of old age, fear of evil, fear of being despised, fear of being alone, fear of unemployment, fear of crowds, fear of the dark night, Fear of confusion, fear of no reason, fear of natural disasters, fear of accidents, fear of failure…

We have countless fears, the most common of which is still the fear of poverty, the fear of suffering, the fear of death, the fear of no reason.

Those fears manifest themselves in many forms in real life such as anxiety, sadness, insecurity, misery, stress, boredom, giving up on everything, living day to day, even despair. .

So how to identify and gradually eliminate anxiety and fear?

Each person, depending on different conditions, circumstances, qualities and abilities, will have different worries and fears. It is we who realize the fact that fear of reality reduces our quality of life.

The most common and common ways to overcome fears:

The fundamental and radical solution is to know what death is. The source of fear is ignorance or misperception about the object of fear. Ignorance is the fundamental source of fear. Improving knowledge and wisdom helps us to eliminate the source of all fears. When we have a true perception of the world, of life, of people, of money and fame, we will gradually get rid of all worries and fears.

So how to realize the true nature of all things, the nature of people and life? If we ourselves have enough insight to observe deeply and truthfully about human life, we will see clearly the truth is impermanent, the truth of suffering and the truth of not-self. Or we rely on the Buddha’s wisdom to contemplate them as they really are. When we clearly see that everything in human life is imaginary, temporary and ever-changing, we will no longer be clingy and clingy about property, rights, positions, and body. physical body good and bad body shape. Then the fear gradually disappeared.

Observing deeply and comprehensively, we will see that all fear and anxiety stem from “me” and “mine”. Furthermore, all fears are closely related to the perception of one’s self and the possession of one’s self. Like my name, my appearance, my parents, my wife and children, my kinship, my position, my position, my honor, my wealth, my wealth…in short, attachment, attachment to me and my self. What touches, hurts, harms our self and our own makes us afraid.

For example, many people are afraid of ghosts. The reason is that they are haunted by the habit of listening to many people’s stories, being scared since childhood, watching ghost movies. Basically, they don’t know what the devil really is, real or not. When we clearly know that ghosts are just a form of sentient beings (maybe even our loved ones) living in constant suffering because of having created bad karma, not only are we no longer afraid, but we also begin to feel fear. compassion for them.

Or there are many people who are afraid of death because they do not understand death but only listen to scary folk tales about death. If we know it as it is, death is just a way of changing the form of life, changing the way of life, changing the environment. The continuation of life after death, good or bad, painful or happy, depends on our present actions of speech, action, thinking. Now that we live a good, positive, honest life, know how to respect the three jewels, do not create evil karma, then surely our next life after death will be even better. Those who know Take refuge in the Three JewelsIf they live well, they will overcome their fear of death.

Why are we afraid?



Or there are people who are afraid of being poor and being looked down upon by others. In fact, only we ourselves can look down on us. As long as we work diligently, live justly, honestly, and peacefully, know how to care for others when they are in poverty, our life will gradually improve, and we will be loved by everyone. In fact, many people are not well off, still trying to spend time, go to practice and do good deeds with the teacher, are loved by many people.

Or fear of losing your job, losing money, losing your position, losing your home, losing your loved ones… the more you fear losing, the more insecure you are.

Specifically, what we do every day helps us to overcome our fears, stress, and insecurities.

– One is to take refuge in the Three Jewels, respect and believe in the Buddhadharma, often read sutras and listen to the teachings of the Buddha. Believing and understanding the Buddhadharma, having good deities support, help us to be less afraid.

– Second is to live honestly, positively and healthily to help people; not creating evil karma, not causing hatred, not making bad friends, not gambling, drinking, betting, losing, smoking, debt helps us not to be afraid

– Third is to exercise regularly, eat in moderation, strengthen resistance, help us prevent illness, pain, fear.

– Fourth, when we are afraid, we focus on recollecting: Namo Amitabha Buddha or reciting the mantra: Alma Ni Bat Di Hong will stop being afraid.

– The fifth is to often cultivate the mind, practice the will, meditate, read books, listen to lectures, improve spiritual qualities, promote the strength of the mind, and strengthen the strength of the will. The more concentrated the mind is, the better it is, the greater the power, the stronger the feeling of fear has no place in us.

National Master Van Hanh, teacher of King Ly Cong Uan in the 11th century of Vietnam, because of his true understanding of life, he was able to overcome all fears:

“Though life has its ups and downs, don’t be afraid

Everything is impermanent, vanishing as quickly as the morning dew on the tip of a blade of grass.”

With concentration, will and power of compassion, a heart to protect the Dharma, protect the nation and the people, Bodhisattva Thich Quang Duc overcame all fears, burned his body as a fire of compassion to illuminate the world.

Zen Master Nhat Hanh, a high monk of contemporary Buddhism, often reinterprets the idea of ​​the Prajnaparamita Sutra: “Dhammas are not born and do not die, so there is nothing to fear”. Because the essence of all things and people is not-self. Whoever clearly sees the truth of no-self is liberated, and of course no longer has any fear.

Exhaling and not being able to inhale is the body and everything will dissipate, even if you want to hold it, you can’t hold it.

Hope everyone observes so clearly, trying to overcome obstacles of fear, living with less desires and being alert and positive in every moment of the present moment, so that we can live more usefully, our lives will be better. more peaceful and happy.

Say, do evil

Always scared

Studying zazen Buddha

Strong will

Magical mind.


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