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We are Buddha’s children, we only need one sutra, one verse, study, think, understand deeply and firmly and then practice, the benefits are immense. The Buddha taught to recognize, to observe life like that, to see like that, our life will be less suffering, gradually ending suffering.

In the Literature of the Ten Kinds of Beings of Buddhists – Great poet Nguyen Du has a very interesting and interesting sentence:

“Who takes the Buddha as their heart,

Nature is free from samsara.”

Most Vietnamese people know that the great poet Nguyen Du is a great poet who has influence not only in Vietnam but also in the world. It seems that not many people know, he is not only a poet but also a Buddhist, with a heart of Buddhism, a believer in Buddhism and an understanding of Buddhism. Those who have read Kieu’s story deeply will see the humanistic thought, cause and effect, predestined, good and evil, retribution, compassion… of Buddhism discussed throughout his work. Perhaps he studied Buddhism, studied Buddhism from a young age, he has a fairly solid understanding of the Buddha’s teachings.

He not only has greatness in a great poet, he is also great in thought and immense humanity. In the field of thought and Buddhism, we were very impressed with layman Nguyen Du through a poem written in Chinese about Diamond Sutra in Liang Chieu Minh, the crown prince divided the stone tower:

“Vajra poison has a natural transformation

The Middle Ages is a secret of ignorance

Up-to-date with Dai Ha’s scriptures

Talents without self-revelation truth”

That is, I have read the Vajra Sutra thousands of times, and still do not understand the profound meaning in it. When you come under the stone pillar engraved with sutras, you will be enlightened, without words is the true scriptures. We see a great poet like Nguyen Du who also has reverence for the Three Jewels, believes in Buddha, regularly reads and chants the Diamond Sutra every day like that. In addition to Tales of Kieu, among the poems written about the Buddhadharma, he also wrote the Literature of the Ten Kinds of Beings, in the Literature of the Ten Kinds of Beings, there are gentle sentences, imbued with meditation:

“Who cares about Buddha?

Nature is free from samsara.”

We think that Buddhists only need to memorize these two sentences, and we will not use them all our lives. In fact, every time in my life, even in my practice, in studying the Buddha, in preaching the Dharma, there are times when my mind is against my heart, and I have to recite these two verses. At that time, worries and worries will disappear into nothingness.

Buddha’s Mind – Where all the absolutes of Compassion and Wisdom are


Our greatest goal when practicing Buddhism is to be free from all suffering in our lives reincarnation. We step by step, step by step, gradually get rid of the sufferings and attachments in daily life and gradually move towards complete liberation from suffering in samsara. So in order to get rid of the suffering of samsara, there is a very simple Dharma, which is “Take Buddha as your heart“. Who really”Take Buddha as your heartIf we can, we will definitely get rid of suffering in samsara, the closest thing is that we will have peace and freedom right in our present life. In fact, a relatively meaningful passage in the Literature of the Ten Types of Beings is:

“The life of the samsar is like an image

There is a word that says: is the scene of the universe?

Who takes Buddha as a heart?

Nature is free from samsara.”

Layman Nguyen Du is not only good at literature and words, but also understands the Buddhadharma quite deeply, perhaps he has studied and practiced the Buddhadharma to a certain level. You should remember that every time you encounter something, remember these two sentences, when you are unstable, remember to observe deeply, then you will be sure that you will firmly face suffering.

The first sentence is ” A life of samsara is like a picture“The life of the contemplative is a life, life is fleeting, illusory, life is sudden, sometimes it is not, you may see it but it will also be lost, the person you just met in the morning, the afternoon is gone. go forever. ” A life of samsara is like a picture“, the “ghost” is the water bubble in the sea on the river, but the water bubble is not long-lasting, the water bubble only needs a breeze to make the water bubble disappear quickly, and human life is also like that, it is also artificial, like our shadow (photo) when walking in the sun. When we observe like that, understanding like that will reduce a lot of suffering, sorrow, and attachment.

Many people do not understand the truth about the law of impermanence of life, do not understand everything in this life it changes quickly, it changes quickly, yes, if we know how to observe like that, we will be less clingy. In our life, the more we cling to it, the more suffering we suffer, but everyone wants to be non-attachment, and also wants to be not an obstinate person, the reason for the practice of the mind is not to be stubborn. who understand the law of life, the person who understands the basic life law of breathing in and out is like a sponge, a wind blows it away and the water washes away those bubbles and ceases to exist. again.

And when we observe that closely, we will gradually become less and less obstinate. Those who are less stubborn, no longer stubborn, will surely find their life wonderfully peaceful and happy, they will feel lightness and serenity. The image compares the life of samsara to the image of the image, in fact in the Buddha’s scriptures we have also heard a lot, like the verse in the Vajrayana Sutra as well as life examples, for example, the Dharmas are like bubbles, like water. like a silhouette. The verse that the Buddha used to teach his disciples:

“Necessarily illegal

Like a dream and a photo

Like a heron like a dictionary

Falcon as market consistent work”

Mean :

All conditioned dharmas,

Like a bubble dream.

Like dew, like lightning,

So in-depth like that.

What is conditioned Dharma? What dharmas we can see, what dharmas we can see, what dharmas are magnetic, what dharmas are dominated by the thought of impermanence, dharmas that go through the states of birth, cessation, cessation, becoming and dissolving into nothingness, all of these dharmas? Such is the Dharma, all phenomena are governed by the law of impermanence, which is ” necessarily conditioned French » Like a dream-like image, all dharmas are like a dream, and already a dream is not real.

For example, someone has a dream at night that they have won the lottery, built a very large house, have a beautiful car, have a very beautiful wife, have good children, and then come two years old. In the morning, I woke up suddenly sitting in a thatched house with a thatched wall, echoing the sound of frogs calling in the field, that was a dream, blinking was everything changed. Everything will change very quickly, extremely quickly, even it changes in the moment, the present moment. In the present life, if we are a person with a clear mind, able to observe our life, we will realize that life is extremely cruel, we must see in the blink of an eye that life is like a dream. like illusory, illusory is false is not real.

The good fruit of reciting the Buddha’s favor



Because we cling to everything as real, like houses, possessions, children, our rights, everything is ours, we and ours cling to the self, because we cling to the self, the things of we should be in constant suffering. When we cling to ours and ours, we don’t keep awareness, then when suffering comes we will complain to heaven and earth how my life is suffering like this, because we always cling to self, if we are satisfied. If you’re satisfied then that’s okay, but if you’re not satisfied, your anger and delusion will emerge. All things are impermanent, Buddha taught In the Vajrayana Sutra, everything in the world is like a dream, like an illusion, like a plan, like an image, like a road, like a dictionary. Lu is the morning dew that we often see on the leaves of a tree when we wake up.

Everything we have in this world, if observed deeply, will easily disappear like dew, like lightning, and then disappear into nothingness. We hear a loud thunderclap, startled once it disappears, so our life is like that. We are Buddha’s children, as Buddha’s disciples, we only need one sutra, one verse, to study, think, and understand deeply and firmly, we practice the benefits immensely. Therefore, the Buddha taught that we must recognize, observe life like that, must see like that, our life will be less suffering, gradually to the end of suffering. Likewise, Nguyen Du, he read the Kim Cang Sutra thousands of times, so he gradually absorbed the meaning of the Kim Cang Sutra.

Second sentence: “There is a saying that: The universe is not », this sentence is really profound, what is the stage of the universe? Who understands” The universe is not » then surely life will be very peaceful and wonderful, this person will be more happy than sad, have the ability to equalize pain and this person’s life is very valuable. In fact, everything is the ten thousand Dharmas, everything is empty, that is, the truth about the Dharmas, the true nature of the Dharmas, the nature of all things, all phenomena, everything in this world is the truth. are not. « The universe is not » make many people misunderstood, they think that Buddhism is pessimistic, cynical, boring. Now, wealth is fleeting, life is temporary, life is a sea of ​​suffering, everything is empty, all is nothing, etc. But it’s really not like that, it’s because we don’t understand where it is. When they arrived, they did not properly understand the teachings of the Buddha, so they thought Buddhism was pessimistic. For example, Buddhists do not have to look at life as impermanent, see the suffering of life but be pessimistic, but cynical and bored with life, and then give up but have to know how to face and acknowledge the truth about life. Life’s sufferings, when we see clearly like that, we have to work hard to learn how to learn the Buddha’s teachings that can eliminate suffering and gain wisdom towards Nirvana, not only for individuals. but also guide everyone to make the same effort, face suffering, practice good Dharmas that can eliminate suffering and achieve success towards peace and liberation, not seeing…


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