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“Khanh mi precepts about the same head” is To Phuoc Hue’s reference to the 7th chapter Turning into an example in the Lotus Sutra.

In this chapter, the Buddha said that all those present in this Dharma assembly had been present since the time of Dai Thong Tri Thang Buddha and were the Bodhi relatives of Shakyamuni Buddha while he was still practicing Bodhisattva. .

At that time, he planted in their bodies the four great aggregates of the five aggregates a priceless pearl, which we later call a good root. That is, they have been taught by bodhisattvas in their past lives, so when they meet again, they are easy to sympathize with the bodhisattva and listen to the bodhisattva. To be precise, the Buddha said that today, the Buddha’s disciples are willing to give up glory and wealth, follow the Buddha to leave home to study the Way, because in the past the Buddha gave them the Dharma Flower Sutra and they also wholeheartedly followed. Buddha, so that they easily become Arhats. This also suggests that people who have cultivated since past lives have good roots are easy to generate and cultivate. But it is difficult for the wicked to overcome hardships.

Therefore, we understand the three generations of cause and effect, the past, the present and the future expressed in the sentence “Khanh mi precepts of the future”, ie the meaning of the precious jewel placed in the shirt. The body of the four elements is a sinful body, but thanks to a precious gem that is a good root, the mind can cultivate and achieve Arahantship to Buddhahood in the future.

Monks, nuns, and Buddhists need to understand the meaning of the scriptures and apply their practice to get results as taught by the Buddha.

Patriarch Phuoc Hue did not read the scriptures like us, but it was important that he realized the essentials of the sutras and applied them in his spiritual life with results and taught with that result. It is the Bodhisattva who preaches the Dharma on the fruit door, that is, the practice of reaping the results and manifests it in words, actions, or silence, but when people see the Bodhisattva, they generate the Bodhi mind and shed their troubles. Brain. Theory Dharma Flower Sutra That’s it, not according to the sutras, and then each person understands differently and argues and starts defilements. The reality shows that people who study widely listen to a lot, but misunderstand the essentials of the sutras and full of afflictions, even if they preach the Dharma, the Dharma will also become evil.

Therefore, Buddha taught that one’s character is important. Indeed, whatever Buddha says is the Dharma. Whatever ghosts say is evil. Monks, nuns, and Buddhists need to understand the meaning of the scriptures and apply their practice to get results as taught by the Buddha.

Sentient beings are born in the three realms of Desire, the Realm of Form and the Realm of No Form, also known as the Three Realms of Fire. Whoever remains in these three realms will always be burned by it, suffering immensely. Suffering caused by people’s greed, anger, stupidity, pride, mistakes, and attachments burns them to death. Therefore, in this world, wise or foolish also die, rich or poor also suffer. Only those who know rightly and do exactly as the Buddha taught is that there is no suffering and the four elements of form and body may die according to the law, but the merits and virtues of wisdom do not die and are carried in rebirth.

The third example in the Dharma Flower Sutra says three cars and a house of fire. The house of fire is the house of fire of the three realms and the three vehicles are the three vehicles: shravaka, pratyekabuddha, and bodhisattva. Only shravakas, pratyekabuddhas, and bodhisattvas come out of the three realms.

To save those who could not practice according to the three vehicles of shravakas, pratyekabuddhas, and bodhisattvas, the Buddha opened up the causal and celestial vehicles, but these two vehicles are still samsara in the three worlds. The Buddha taught that if you follow the human vehicle, a layman who takes the Three Refuges and keeps the five precepts will definitely be at peace, because he is a good person, so no bad things will happen. And higher, people who practice the ten good karmas usually stay in heaven, but when they enjoy all their blessings, they fall to the three worlds. However, even though they are in the Three Realms, they are an elite and don’t suffer, because by relying on the Three Refuges, Five Precepts and Ten Good Precepts, they are protected by Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha, in any situation they feel it. happily.

But really, the Buddha aimed at cultivating the new Three Vehicles out of birth and death. The bodhisattva has the ability to come out of birth and death by himself and also guide others to escape from birth and death. Pratyekabuddha uses wisdom to observe dharmas and escapes birth and death. Thanh Van depends on 37 assistants of the Buddha’s teaching and also comes out of birth and death.

The shravakas, pratyekabuddhas, and bodhisattvas cultivate different dharmas, but the same attainment is called the entrance to the gate of space, which the Dharma Flower Sutra says is to arrive at an open field, or to enter the great void.

It should be noted that many cultivators who do not have the Mahayana roots come to this place of Mu and are often overwhelmed. Indeed, many people think that by attaining Arhat, they will not be reborn and enter Nirvana. But what is Nirvana? Some people say that Nirvana without a soul means that one falls into the void, nothing, but that is docility, not the Dharma of Non-Buddhist.

As for the person with the Mahayana capacity, thanks to the bodhisattva implanting a precious pearl in our mind, when we reach the pool of emptiness, we see differently. The person with the Mahayana nature sees differently, seeing according to the Lotus Sutra, that a practitioner who comes out of the Fire House and goes to the open ground to meet the bourgeois is to meet the Buddha for the great white ox. If you go there and do not meet the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, then disappearing into space is the Great Void. This idea according to the Theravada sutra describes that here, the four great countries, wind and fire, will end, and the four greats will slowly disappear.

But the Lotus Sutra says this Mu is free of afflictions, labor, and karma, so our minds are completely empty. If we are at peace, then come here, we will not suffer and see the Buddha.

Indeed, according to the Three Vehicles, there are different practices depending on the nature of the upper, middle and lower classes, but they are all liberated and when they arrive at the vacant lot, the new bourgeois will give only one vehicle, the great white ox. Abundant Buddha. This vehicle is equipped with more advanced equipment than the previous three vehicles of the shravakas, pratyekabuddhas, and bodhisattvas, but must be free of karma, the Buddha will give it to the great white bull. This idea in the 14th chapter of Peace and Happiness describes that those who break the afflictions and ghosts, will be given the pearl on the bun, which is the Buddha giving them unsurpassed knowledge.

Out of the House of Fire, to the clearing, on the fifth element is the Void. If we have good roots and conditions with Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, then Buddhas and Bodhisattvas will appear.

Applied in real life, we will see this clearly. For example, every day we recite Buddha’s name, visualize the world of Ultimate Bliss, we dream Amitabha Buddha, see the scene of Ultimate Bliss, see the Saints. This is our subconscious that appears, not a practice, not a reality. Although it is not real, it is still better than seeing the evil realm.

In the same way, if we fall into the Great Void, we will see that Buddha if we have a predestined relationship with the Buddha. The Medicine Sutra said that at the end of life, the body of the four great elements died, fell into the Great Void, and saw the Bodhisattvas Guan Yin, Great World Chi, Medicine King, Medicine Thuong, and Maitreya showing the way to the Seven Treasures pond. Because every day when we recite the Medicine Sutra, we see this and sow it in Alaya, we wake up and dream, then the Bodhisattvas who appear and die will also see the Bodhisattvas showing the way to the House of Fire, ending their sufferings. . That is the idea of ​​chapter 14, breaking the afflictions of ghosts, five warm ghosts, ie out of the house of fire, the Buddha gave the great white ox far as the Buddha vehicle.

The Buddha vehicle or the vehicle has treasures such as the Ten Powers, the Four Fears, the Eight Uncommon… It is important that the Buddha gives the most precious things that the world does not have, but must know how to use. And getting on the vehicle of the Buddha vehicle must have transcendent wisdom to use the treasure. When he has used the Buddha vehicle or the One Buddha vehicle, the practitioner has the ability to go out into the three worlds completely free.

Therefore, from the Three Realms entering the Void Gate, knowing everything in the universe and the Bodhisattvas who have the Ten Powers, the Four Fearless Fears, and the Eight Uncompromising Eights, they will enter the Three Realms gently.

Many people think that they will be dissolved into the universe, losing everything, so they are afraid of losing their souls, so they will be deceived by pagan cults that if they enter their religion and give up their religion to follow another religion, they will be destroyed by the five lightnings. soul always. People are afraid of losing their souls and they are also afraid of their souls being sent to hell. But the Buddha taught that when all our karmic afflictions are gone, how can there be hell? Hell or karma are created by the human mind.

If you practice the Buddha’s Dharma properly, entering the world of Mu will have the extremely precious things of the Buddhas in the world of Eternal Light and Pure Land. In fact, people who practice in the Dharma, give up completely, and don’t get attached to anything, gain a lot of merit, which is called an inexhaustible collection of merit, which is another name for the great white ox, all that is precious. The most precious treasures are complete in the world of Buddhas.

And the cultivator enters the Void Gate, arrives at the vacant lot, then gets on the One Vehicle, and the practitioner returns to the Three Realms also by the One Vehicle. For example, Guanyin Bodhisattva incarnates as king, general, bronze male, female …., the scriptures say that he manifested 32 incarnations, finished the job, he returned to his original state in the void as President Quang. His scene.

The Buddha entered the three worlds of freedom. Therefore, the Venerables reminded the newly retired bhikkhu that from where they appeared, when they finished their work, go back to that place and return to space, return to their own President Quang. In other words, knowing the way back after years of practicing in Taba.

The patriarch Phuoc Hue expressed this idea as “Journey to enter and exit nine residences in the same row as the court”, that is, from the world of Bodhisattvas, go up to the nine heavens, and then go down to hell, all sitting on a green lotus. That is Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva from the Pure Light realm riding his deity to hell, knocking on the door once, the King of Hell hurriedly opened the door to welcome him. And the sinner was pulled by a noose around his neck. Ksitigarbha saved sinners, turned hell into heaven, and when he entered the human world, he also turned into an earthly paradise.

In other words, wherever the Dharma flower practitioner goes, there must be peace, all sins are stopped, because sin is caused by the mind. Therefore, when Ksitigarbha arrives, the sinner’s mind is immediately happy, or precisely, Jizhong’s path power has affected their mind, making them free from suffering and at peace. He saved sentient beings in hell completely free from Arhats in Nirvana.

To Phuoc Hue finished the 3rd and 4th chapters with a couplets for the teacher who chanted the Lotus Sutra for a long time but did not understand. The match is as follows:

Fairy promises to stay far away from each other

Post-family residence fee

That is, at first the Buddha gave three vehicles, which are the Three Vehicles, for the shravakas, pratyekabuddhas, and bodhisattvas, but when they came out of the house of fire,…


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