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To be able to respect the Buddha we must also have wisdom. If we understand the Buddha, then we can say that we can respect the Buddha. If we don’t believe in the general type of God, we will also become superstitious people.

But in order to believe in the Buddha, we must study, listen to the teachers’ teachings, read in the sutras in books, and have to contemplate in our own lives to understand the Buddha from time to time. But the more we understand Buddha, the more we respect Buddha.

To respect the Buddha, we must have wisdom to understand the Buddha.

Those who do not respect the Buddha are forever immersed in the status of ordinary people, so they must know how to respect the Buddha. To respect the Buddha, we must have wisdom to understand the Buddha. But how to understand Buddha? We study the Buddha’s teachings, about the Buddha’s life, and we have to cultivate ourselves to know how precious the Buddha’s teachings are.

For example, there is a person who can give a few dong when seeing others suffering and someone who can sacrifice his life for the cause, who is more respectable? The person who dares to sacrifice his life for everyone is more respectable. Our Buddha is such a person. For many lifetimes when it was necessary to make sacrifices for sentient beings, he was willing to give up his life without regret. That is, one should have full respect.

There comes a time in our life when we help someone out of a misery we will always remember. There is a patient with a dangerous heart surgery, we try to save that person from death and it costs a lot of money. At that time, we see that our life is very good, we are also a good person, but compared to a person who lives after life to help all species and thousands of people like that, that person’s nobility how much. A person who lives one life from one life to another completely selflessly loves all beings from small animals to large animals, to everyone from babies to old people who are loved and always looking for. How great is the way to help that person…

Excerpt from the lecture “Respect to Buddha Boundless” – Venerable Thich Chan Quang


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