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The Buddha is the absolute, solid spiritual and moral refuge of mankind.

The Buddha taught how to treat illness

In today’s new age, it is a fact that people’s pragmatism is very high. For example, now it is said that fairies fly in the clouds, no one believes, but people only believe in airplanes. People believe in motorbikes, high-tech cars that can carry them around, that’s all. As for the things of morality, cause and effect sound blurred and far away because people believe that whoever is strong will win, whoever is smart will succeed.

However, in the era of advanced science and technology, it is really very valuable to maintain respect for the Buddha. One Buddha thousands of years ago, living in poor India. People have to live in shabby, mediocre houses, extremely meager amenities. Our Buddha also lived like that, he put on a brown robe to walk in the morning dew. In that early morning dew, a few early morning breezes blew his robes, Buddha took his bowl and walked like everyone else, going to each house for alms. He lived such a simple life.

But contained within that is the whole universe, the vast Dharma Realm, the whole heaven and earth. That soul contains all the absolutes of compassion and wisdom. Today, even though society has changed, life has become richer, more beautiful, tall buildings are more brilliant, etc., but if anyone maintains their respect for Buddha, those are those who are being saved. this world. Those are the people who keep the soul in this life. No matter where material progress, no matter where science advances, people still need a spiritual and moral support.

The Buddha is the absolute, solid spiritual and moral refuge of mankind. So, in this tumultuous, merciless, brutal, pragmatic life, you can still respect the Buddha and share your heart with everyone. reverence for Buddha then those people are the ones who save the world today. That is the person who makes people less chasing after the material life, but knowing how to stop, look back, know how to find something more abstract, nobler, more sublime but more elegant, more peaceful.

Excerpt from the lecture “New era, new sins and blessings” – Venerable Thich Chan Quang


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