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During the Buddha’s time in the world, there was a king named Da Vi Ta who worshiped all 69 pagan lines. Suddenly, one day, the king had a good heart and wanted to give a lot, so many treasures were like mountains, and he announced that everyone who came to beg would give away a handful.

Because the number of people who have come to ask for it has been a long time, the mountain of treasure has not changed.

Buddha Knowing that the King had many blessings in the past, he was able to convert, and immediately turned into a visiting Pham Chi. The king was very happy, finished the ceremony and asked:

– What do you want to use, please let me know? I would like to donate.

Pham Chi replied:

– I came here from afar, to ask the king for jewels in exchange for materials to build a house.

King replied:

– I will gladly ask you to take a handful.

The Pham Chi took a handful, walked seven steps, returned to the original place.

Buddhist fairy tales: Ugly people are saved

King asked:

– Why didn’t he take it?

– With that amount of treasure, it is enough to build a house, but unfortunately I have to get married later, it is not enough, so I did not take it.

– Well, he took three more handfuls.

The Pham Chi took three handfuls, took seven steps, returned to the original place.

– Why is he like that?

– With that amount of treasure, it is enough to get married, but what to buy land, servants, buffaloes and horses, I don’t count enough, so it’s better.

– Well, he took seven more handfuls.


After the Pham Chi took it, he walked seven steps back and returned to the original place.

– Why is he still not satisfied?

If I have children to take care of marriage, shopping, and housework, marriage, close communication, I think I still lack, so I don’t take it.

– I am willing to offer them all, he took it back and used it all!

The Pham Chi walked up the treasure mountain and then came back down without accepting it.

The king was very strange and said:

– What do you mean, I really don’t understand.

– My will comes to Him to seek life. When I finished, I reviewed that people’s lives don’t last long, things are not always bright and dark, difficult to maintain.

Even though I have a mountain of treasures, I have benefited completely for myself. No matter how much you worry about your desires, how much you work in vain and how much hard work, it is not as good as giving up your desires, seeking the path of liberation, and practicing good qualities for yourself, your family, and society. compassion, wisdom is more, so I do not take.

At that time, the king awakened, his mind was clear, and asked to hear the Dharma.

Buddhist Fairy Tales: True Wealth

The Pham Chi then said the verse:

Even though you have a mountain of gold,

High to the blue sky.

The world is so much

It’s not as good as seeing the source.

Life is not good, think good,

Love it but hate it

Use suffering for pleasure,

The witch was damaged.

After saying the verse, he appeared as a Buddha, releasing a bright light, the king and his courtiers rejoiced and asked for the five precepts and attained Tu Da Hoan.

Vien Minh

“Life is short, fleeting like lightning. No one can live forever without dying, so people can’t have a long life. So I destroy greed and give alms to the poor. Riches and riches do not belong to us forever, but often because of it, we become attached to them.”


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