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On the evening of June 26, at Khanh Quang Pagoda, a gratitude candlelight night with the theme “Four great graces” was held in the program on the second day of the summer retreat “Nursing kindness”.

The ceremony took place under the demonstration and coordination of Venerable Thich Tam Chinh, abbot of Khanh Quang Pagoda, Head of the Organizing Committee of the retreat; Venerable Thich Tri Dinh, Deputy Head of the Department of Propagation of the Vietnamese Buddhist Sangha in Lam Dong province; Venerable Thich Minh Canh, abbot of Bat Nha Pagoda (Nghe An) and the venerable deities of the coordinating committee, the school of Khanh Quang pagoda.

More than 300 candles were lit by monks and nuns and students on the night of the “Four Great Graces” ceremony.

After the venerable and virtuous lords incensed the Buddha and paid homage to the Three Jewels, more than 300 sacred candles were lit, followed by the light from the Buddha’s table transmitted to all the students in chanting.

Sign offering ceremony

Sign offering ceremony

At the ceremony, Venerable Thich Tam Chinh stated the meaning of the gratitude candle-lighting ceremony to remind the students to remember to repay the four great favors: the grace of parents, the gift of the Three Jewels of the Grand Master, the grace of the nation and society and the grace of the nation and society. beings of all kinds.

Continuing the emotional lines of gratitude, Venerable Thich Tri Dinh guided the entire assembly to spend a minute of remembrance directing peaceful energy to all places of life.

All the students were immersed in an emotional atmosphere when reminded of the meaning of mother and father. This is a beautiful silence of this year’s summer retreat at Khanh Quang Pagoda.


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