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The Buddha taught, women should cultivate the following aspects to be good for both this life and the next:

The Buddha always appreciated the dignity and ability of women to achieve fruition.

– Firstly, we should cultivate so that we have a fervent spiritual heart.” As for the Dharma, we should be fervent.

Second, have a mind of shame and fear of sin.

– Third, do not cultivate a mind of malice, anger, and hatred: Women are often heavy on this mind, so people say evil like Hoan Thu, very terrible and poisonous. Therefore, Buddha taught a woman must be careful not to nurture that mind.

– Fourth, should not be jealous: Jealousy is a common disease of women, so in Kieu’s story there is a sentence: “Jealousy is also common – Common husband, not easy for anyone to indulge”. Women often make each other miserable, going to fight with jealousy, they always beat the other girl, even though her husband is the one who cheated on the other. But the jealous mind makes the woman herself not eat well, can’t sleep, think about it wherever she goes, making her frustrated and miserable. I sympathize with this, but women should learn to gradually let go of jealousy. When we cultivate, expand our wisdom, we will be less jealous.

Fifth, should not quarrel but be generous.

– Sixth, be polite in all acts: A woman should have a very polite behavior, should not be too crude, don’t say a sentence, do not argue a sentence; My husband moves my hand, I also move my hand.

– Seventh, practice the virtues: When a woman hears about the virtues, she must practice for her growth.

– Eighth, must know how to learn to improve knowledge: Especially in today’s era of scientific development, women should study to improve their knowledge and qualifications, not just being a housewife. If we are backward and not suitable for the times, we cannot talk to our husband and children.

– Ninth, enthusiasm, zeal in work.

– Tenth, always know how to protect the mind, smart in behavior: A woman should learn to behave delicately, how to please her parents, her husband, her brothers and friends.

– Eleven, how to get wisdom and understanding: We go to study Fa to expand our wisdom, when we know the morals, whatever our husband says is easy to hear. Maybe when you first get married, your husband will like it woman beautiful but when living together, talking forever his wife does not understand anything, the husband will get bored, it is easy to look down on his wife. In the long run, a husband likes an understanding, sympathetic wife to be friends and share with him. Therefore, women must strive to cultivate wisdom.

I wish you to always be diligent, try to study to expand your wisdom and moral growth.

Quote from Venerable Thich Truc Thai Minh in his Dharma talk: “The Mi Tien Question and Answer Sutra, question 135”


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