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The Venerable Thich Tam Dinh, Chanh Duy-na of Khai Nam Pagoda (Sam Son City) together with the monks residing at the temple and the Buddhists of the monastery organized offerings at the school of Tuong Van Pagoda (Vinh Loc district). ) on 2-7.

Here, the Venerable Thich Tam Dinh encouraged the meditators to settle down and study diligently, strictly following the sessions of chanting, zazen, reciting the Buddha’s name, walking, etc., preserving their dignity and virtues. in practice, in daily life.

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The delegation also performed the ritual of offering incense, paying homage to the Three Jewels, making offerings of pure wealth and pure objects to the venerable ones and practitioners residing in the lower school.

According to the plan, in the coming time, under the guidance of Venerable Thich Tam Dinh, the monks of Khai Nam pagoda will continue to organize visits and offerings to lower schools in the province.

It is known that the lower school of Khai Nam pagoda has 48 monks and nuns, including 37 nuns; Tuong Van lower school (Vinh Loc district) consists of 32 people, including 9 monks and 23 nuns.


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