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In the 56th Humanitarian Blood Donation Program, on the morning of July 2, 2022, at Giac Ngo Pagoda (District 10, Ho Chi Minh City), more than 700 volunteers registered. This is a volunteer program that takes place every month.

This program is organized by the Buddhist Sangha in collaboration with members, servants, medical staff, and medical staff of the Buddhist Today Foundation, Ho Chi Minh City Humanitarian Blood Donation Center. Ho Chi Minh City and People’s Committee of Ward 2, District 10 co-organized.

After 55 times, a total of more than 25,000 people participated in the program, including more than 20,500 successful blood donations. This is an extremely impressive number that the organizer, the Temple of Enlightenment, has maintained since 2015 in order to create good conditions for the “Bodhisattvas at home” to have the opportunity to practice the three alms-giving practices. -param, sharing a part of his body to help those who are fighting every second, every minute for life and death while waiting for a blood transfusion.


TT. Thich Nhat Tu, Abbot of Giac Ngo Pagoda, said that in this 56th event, more than 500 volunteers registered to participate via online form. Through the software, for every 100 people, the system will automatically arrange a time frame, making the blood donation operation of the organizers extremely smooth, smooth, without congestion or overload. On the volunteer side, you don’t have to wait too long, besides being fully supported with food and sugar water to help maintain your health and good blood quality before, during and after donating. In addition, more than 200 volunteers registered directly at the temple this morning. Giac Ngo Pagoda often cooperates with Cho Ray Hospital and Ho Chi Minh City Humanitarian Blood Donation Center. Ho Chi Minh City in these charity programs. These are two professional and reputable units in receiving and coordinating blood sources to more than 155 hospitals in Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City and hospitals in the Southwest region.

The Venerable Master greatly appreciated and praised the noble gesture of a total of more than 700 volunteers and 50 service workers and medical staff of the program co-organizers. Whether directly or indirectly, participating in blood donation activities is a good charity, first of all bringing merit and blessings to the participants themselves; blood donors have the opportunity to maintain and develop their health and enhance their chances of life; community and society, therefore, have a happier and more peaceful life. This is a good thing that needs to be spontaneous, mobilize, and encourage everyone to do it; with a proactive attitude, without avoidance, without hesitation, without promises, without hesitation. Only then will our lives become more valuable, more meaningful, more beneficial for ourselves, for others and for life.


From far away Binh Duong to City. In Ho Chi Minh City, Mr. Nguyen Quoc Duong was present at the temple very early. This is his fourth time donating blood and every time he goes to the Temple of Enlightenment. He feels that the organization, personnel arrangement, equipment arrangement and operation of the temple in the Humanitarian Blood Donation program are always professional, scientific and extremely methodical. In addition, the aunts and uncles, brothers and sisters serving the temple in general, of the Today’s Buddhism Foundation in particular, and the medical staff are always dedicated, dedicated to caring, advising and guiding the patients. Blood donors are very attentive and friendly. This is the reason why Mr. Duong is very satisfied and prioritizes choosing Giac Ngot Pagoda as a place to donate blood every three months. In the past, his body was prone to colds and flu, but since donating blood, his health has improved more and more, and his body is also less prone to diseases. Through the program, he also encourages people, if in good health, we should actively donate blood to help the community. We may not have a lot of material and wealth to share, but our spiritual dedication, in terms of our available conditions, such as our blood, is of great significance. and practical to show the heart for society.

Ms. Vo Thi Kim Lien, legal name Dieu Duc, in District 11, has been working at the City Humanitarian Blood Donation Center. Ho Chi Minh City for 19 years. She shared that she was oriented and determined to choose to work at this medical unit because volunteer work here is extremely meaningful. Thereby, I also join hands to contribute a small part to the community in receiving blood from donors to send to unfortunate and unlucky lives who are in need of receiving blood such as cancer patients, dialysis, traffic accident, … I also indirectly saved many lives, so the feeling is very happy and extremely happy. Ms. Kim Lien also provides additional information that our body every day, every hour has a self-removal mechanism, destroying old and useless blood cells and red blood cells. Therefore, blood donation gives each person the opportunity to regenerate new blood with better quality, enhance health, resistance and immune system. Therefore, Ms. Lien wants society and the community to work together to increase blood donation and spread this humanitarian and humanitarian cause. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), each year, Vietnam will need about 2 million units of blood to be used in the treatment of injuries, accidents, surgery, and for people with diseases requiring blood transfusion. However, at present, our country can only meet about 70% of this demand. Blood reserves at medical centers and hospitals are not enough to supply when the demand for blood transfusion increases, especially during the summer, holidays and Tet. Therefore, the monthly Humanitarian Blood Donation program at Giac Ngo Temple is an extremely practical charity activity, full of humane and compassionate values, with great contributions to the community and society. At the end of the blood donation session, the Organizing Committee also summed up the amount of donated blood as 143,500 ml, this continues to be a positive result, promising success for the following events in the future.

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