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In the south of India, not far from Vuong Xa citadel, there is a quiet, elegant bamboo forest called Kalanda. Bamboo in that forest is both tall and dense, surrounding a large and magnificent monastery, built by King Tan Ba ​​Sa La and made offerings to the Buddha.

That is Truc Lam Monastery, where the Buddha and many of his disciples lived, and also where the Buddha often preached the Dharma to many people.

His two top disciples, Mr. Sariputra and Mr. Moggallana, before having dinner every time, use the magic of “compassion” (this miracle comes from the force of compassion) to Observe sentient beings suffering in the three evil paths of hell, hungry ghosts and animals, see if there is any chance to save them, and then eat rice.

Once, the venerable Muc Kien-liang observed the world of the hungry ghosts and saw a very pitiful one. Its body is like a burning pillar, its belly is as big as a mountain, whenever it puts anything in its mouth, it immediately turns into iron needles. Moreover, he often spits out fire and smoke, burns his face, his hair and ears are as hard as a sword, cries all day long and cries, hungers and thirsts to die, yet even a drop of water cannot swallow, because whenever he gives water, When he reached his mouth, the water immediately turned into blood, unable to drink.


Seeing the painful situation of the hungry ghosts, Moggallana approached him and asked:

– What karma have you created that you have to suffer like this now?

– Venerable Bach, where the sun shines, there is no need to light a flickering oil lamp. The Buddha’s wisdom is like a shining glass, able to illuminate sentient beings in the ten directions. Anyone who has committed sins in the past, present, and future will also be enlightened by His wisdom, without missing the slightest bit. What crime have I committed, you can ask the Buddha. Now I’m too hungry to answer you, please forgive me.

Ghoul said to Mr. Muc Kien Lien After that, he continued to groan and groan. Venerable Muc Kien Lien immediately went to see the Buddha.

At that time, the Buddha was preaching the ultimate meaning to the bhikkhus, and when he saw Moggallana’s hasty appearance, he asked:

– Muckialien, what do you have to be in such a hurry?

– Yes, venerable sir! I have one thing that cannot be resolved, so I come here to ask the Blessed One to speak.

The compassionate Buddha replied:

– You have something to say.

-Just now I observed in hell there is a hungry ghost with scorched body, throat like the eye of a needle, belly as big as a barrel, unable to eat anything, constantly searching for food, but every time When you bring food to your mouth, the food turns into an iron needle. What crime did this hungry ghost do to deserve such a retribution, so I ask the Blessed One to explain it to us.

Before Moggallana began to tell, the Buddha knew well what was going on, so he followed this opportunity and said to the disciples in the Dharma assembly:

– Listen carefully, I will tell you clearly.

A long time ago in Xa Ve citadel, there was a very rich man who worked as a sugarcane juicer to sell fresh water. Business prospered, the house was crowded with workers and workers. At that time, there was a Pratyekabuddha who, in order to save all sentient beings, displayed sickness or thirst for water. Someone advised him to drink sugarcane juice, so he went to a rich man’s house to ask for sugar cane juice.

This person saw that Bich Chi Buddha was coming, was reverent, joyfully offered sugarcane juice to him. But he had an urgent job to go out, could not make an offering by himself, so he entrusted this job to his wife and told her: “Please bring sugarcane juice for me to offer to Bich Chi Buddha.” The wife replied, “Yes, I’ll bring it up right away.”

After the rich man left, the wife thought: “Cane juice is very precious, so far our family has never given it to anyone to drink. If you give him a drink today, more people will come to ask for it in the future.”

A stingy mind arose, she secretly executed poison by taking an iron bowl, pouring unclean water into it, then pouring a little sugarcane juice on top, then brought it up and gave it to Bich Chi Buddha to drink. The Bich Chi Buddha took the bowl, immediately knew the woman’s sinful act, so he poured the dirty dishes in the bowl on the ground, washed the dishes clean with water, and left.

Not long after, the miserly woman’s human life ended, falling to the form of a hungry ghost, often hungry and thirsty, and burned by the fire of karma. This karmic suffering still has to last for another 90,000 years to come to an end.

Buddha finished speaking predestined of the miserly woman who was relegated to the status of a hungry ghost, causing the four groups in the Dharma assembly to be terrified, giving up stinging and greed, fearing birth and death, and all attaining holy fruit, praising them joyfully, and then retreating. .


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