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The lives of people and the surrounding things change hour by minute according to space and time. There are no events or things that last forever. Buddhist teachings call this situation impermanent.

Human life is counted from the time of birth to the end of the mother’s womb. Life changes over time, from a baby in a cradle sucking on Mother’s milk, being held and nurtured by parents, fed and educated, to adulthood, getting married. After that, go out to set up a new family and continue living with new responsibilities. In general, human life is long or short, no one knows in advance. Some people live for 100 years, others die at a very young age.

Human life consists of body and spirit. Physically, breathing, eating, sleeping, cleaning, sexual activities, playing, working, earning a living, etc. Mental life includes thoughts, worries, sorrows, joys, and happiness. , angry, angry, disgusted … that is full of sorrow, compassion, joy, anger, love, oh. Those activities that still exist are called living people. When those activities no longer exist, that is, when a person no longer breathes in and out, the heart completely stops beating, lies still in one place, eyes no longer see, ears no longer hear, body stiffens cold, soul leaves out of the body, no longer knowing anything, then it is a dead person. Death is the end of life. End life.

Faced with a dead body, someone will whisper: “Real life impermanentthen now die.” Actually, it is not until the moment of death that human life is impermanent, but human life is inherently impermanent since birth. both mentally and physically.

The human body is impermanent every second, every minute

Body impermanent

Like our body, everything is impermanent. Without impermanence, we will forever not be born because the fetus in the mother’s womb does not develop. Or when we are born, we will never grow up, forever a baby in the cradle. If it is not impermanent, why are our senses becoming more and more damaged? Over time, our bright and clear eyes become dull, we can’t see far and near, we need to wear glasses. The ears are now droopy and no one can hear what they say, so they need to wear a hearing aid. If not impermanent, why can’t we walk and stand still, we have to rely on a cane to support us. If not impermanent, why was yesterday healthy, today wheezing, difficult to breathe, my body aching. The human body is impermanent every second, every minute! When we are young we don’t notice, because Impermanence creeps in and then sneaks away. When we are over half a human life, Impermanence attacks us more and more strongly, clearly and stay longer, if we do not rely on medical treatment.

The mind is impermanent

The human mind changes most rapidly. Sometimes happy, sometimes sad, sometimes angry, sometimes angry, sometimes like, sometimes not. It is because of such constant change that in Buddhism this mind is called the mind of birth and death. Birth is the arising of liking, then disliking is cessation. The state of mind that changes forever is called the mind of impermanence.

The world is impermanent

The people around us are like us, they themselves change every hour like us. The same goes for space and surroundings. Rainy morning in the afternoon. Hot day and cold night. Trees and landscapes are also affected by impermanence, so people divide the time column into four seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter.

As for events, things… that affect people’s lives such as fame, career, money, houses and vehicles also change. Success does not stay with us forever. Failure doesn’t always cling to us. Regarding emotional issues, the same is true of man’s love for man and woman, it is not as poetic and beautiful as it was in the beginning. Although many couples stick together until old age, the initial love has also changed into gratitude and responsibility for each other. That is also the form of Impermanence, which is changeable.

The social community in which our country resides is not always peaceful. So is the natural universe. Mountains, forests, rivers, seas, there is a year without a rage. There are earthquakes, floods, forest fires, taking away many human and animal lives. That’s why the world is impermanent!

It is said that human life is impermanent, because life is not always smooth, but mixed with many obstacles. Indeed, there is no one who lives in life without experiencing ups and downs, at times of joy and health, at times of sickness and affliction.

In life, everyone has a purpose to pursue. The goal is to find your own happiness. What is happiness? Is happiness physical and mental satisfaction? Is perfectionism enjoying all the pleasures of this world? The kind of sensuality that in Buddhism is called talent, form, name, real, lobe. To achieve those things, their lives are the first few days of working to earn money. Money can satisfy people’s desires. If you don’t have money, you will lose! But the more money, the more desire increases. That is being tortured, being enslaved by money, material slaves, slaves of lust, which people do not think about, keep working hard to earn money. Earning money is hard, but not making money is even harder. Life is just a repetition, day after day, and so on over time. Just like that, until a major life event occurs, that’s when human life ends. Or maybe because of the “power of incompetence” when the health is no longer, the chronic illness has to let go. Let go of the heartache. Let go of regret and regret.

Come to think of it, what is a life like that worth, when a whole life is spent in making money? Material money is also impermanent! It’s there and it’s gone. Loss due to many causes, such as: Natural disaster, fire, nationalization, or theft, or your own children’s consumption and bankruptcy. Try to ask life like that, put on the scale, how much happiness, how much suffering?

Birth, Old Age, Sickness and Death is a rule in life that no one can resist.

Birth, Old Age, Sickness and Death is a rule in life that no one can resist.

In addition to those who are engrossed in real life, engrossed in pursuing material things, money, and satisfying desires, there are people who both enjoy life and know how to take advantage of their time in this world to learn. moral training and spiritual life. What do they learn in this life? They also learn how to live to be happy. Happiness for them is just enough, fun and comfortable life. Knowing time is impermanent, they will not waste their time on useless things. They know that by a day they will lose a day. So live happily for a day, practice for a day, and they will be profitable in a day.

They know money is impermanent, so when they earn money, they know how to use it for appropriate things. If you want money, you have to work hard, so money has value for money. Without it, what can I pay for my house, car, gas, electricity, water, medicine, rice, etc. However, they are not so stingy. They understand that money and wealth are things outside the body. When they die, they can’t take anything with them, so in addition to using money for everyday life, if anyone needs help, they open their hearts to giving alms. . When we bring happiness to someone, we are also creating happiness for ourselves.

Living in a life of man’s health is seen as the car on the top of a hill that begins to go downhill from the age of 40. Going downhill. It is said that from the age of 40 to 50, people’s health declines slowly, but from 50, 60 and up, people’s health declines very quickly. As fast as a car going downhill without gas pedaling. If you don’t check the brakes but press the gas, the car will rush to bring people straight to the cemetery or straight to the morgue.

Over half of my life, if I am a person who knows how to live, then I think I have spent a lot of time and enthusiasm in my career, my family, my children, and the society. Now the remaining time is very short, if you pay attention to yourself, your health, as well as live happily and comfortably, what’s wrong?

Birth, aging, sickness and death It’s a rule in life that no one can resist. Everything in this world has birth and death. If we can’t resist, we have to accept the law of impermanence! Once we accept it, we know for sure that although we are still alive at the moment, we will one day leave this world forever, so let’s consider “the world as an inn”. An inn is a place where we temporarily stay, what belongs to the inn does not belong to us. When the signed contract expires, that is, when we run out of shares, we will return all that we temporarily borrowed while living in this world, and leave. Go quietly without disturbing anyone left behind.

During my temporary stay in this world, I need to live happily and comfortably. No need to rush anything. Just live slowly, slowly, to enjoy life, to practice spiritual lessons, to prepare for your next long trip. If we want to live happily and happily, right now, let’s practice living with compassion and love, helping people in our ability. Practice living equally, without distinction of rich or poor, without praise, criticism, judgment, or hatred of anyone. Practice doing good and avoiding evil. Stay away from pleasures that are both harmful to health and easy to commit crimes such as drinking, gambling, and smoking.

If you have a higher purpose than getting rid of Birth, Old Age, Sickness and Death, that is, escaping from the cycle of birth and death, you must practice thoroughly the Truth of Buddha Shakyamuni’s realization, practice meditation to eliminate…


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