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An old friend of mine is over 50 years old. By chance, I asked him what has changed?

He replied, “Oh! That’s right, I’m changing! In the past, I only knew myself, now I love my parents, my wife and children more.”

That’s right, I’m changing. Now I know that I am not God and that I am not capable of carrying this world.

That’s right, I’m changing. Now I no longer haggle with street vendors. Paying a little more money doesn’t matter to me, but it can help them have a little more money to support their lives.

That’s right, I’m changing. Every time I pay for a ride, I don’t have to wait for the driver to return the change, give people a little tip and get a smile back. After all, they are also for a living, so they are much more miserable than me.

That’s right, I’m changing. I no longer bother complaining to my parents that these stories have not been told how many times they have told. After all, these stories help them recall the good old days.

That’s right, I’m changing. I have learned to stop imposing my standards on others, they are who they are after all, I should not change others to my liking. Keeping things peaceful and happy is more than respectable.


The miracle of tolerance

That’s right, I’m changing. Now I don’t regret giving other people compliments. This not only makes them feel better, but also benefits themselves.

That’s right, I’m changing. I’ve learned not to worry too much about wrinkles or spots on clothes. After all, personality is much more important than appearance.

That’s right, I’m changing. I stay away from people who look down on me because they don’t understand my worth.

That’s right, I’m changing. I have learned that it is not advisable to stick to personal opinions that hurt friendships. After all, having fun alone is as good as everyone having fun together.

That’s right, I’m changing. I learned to treat every day as my last. After all, there really is a day that will be the last day of your life.

That’s right, I’m changing. I am doing the things that make me happy, I should make myself happy, this is the most important responsibility for me.

The blue head is now white, looking back at the path of life, a warm blood cannot help but well up. There are people who have not yet retired, but God has taken them away. There are people who have not been retired for a long time and are already on the hospital bed. We’re really lucky, we can still go here and there, go for a walk.

If you are a big official, pay attention to “landing” safely, do not let yourself get attached to sin. If you are a small official, don’t think about how to get both wealth and fame. If you’re a teacher, don’t push yourself too hard to teach extra to earn some extra money. If you are a worker, remember the two words “thrifty”. If you are a farmer, then leave it to the wind and rain. Whether you are an official or a commoner, no matter how rich or poor you are, live with gratitude and satisfaction, moving forward happily.

Do everything in moderation, don’t listen to and believe the one-sided words of others. You should know that: Every house has its own problems, everyone has a sadness that they don’t know to tell anyone. Do not constantly compare with others, doing so will only bring sorrow to you. More tolerance, less recourse. The greatest asset in life is health, as long as we have a healthy body, let’s keep moving forward happily.

Everything in the world is changing every day, let alone people. It’s just that some people are getting stronger and healthier, some people are getting weaker and weaker, some people are getting more and more outstanding, and some are getting ridiculously stupid.

Change is not a one-time change, but rather accumulating little by little over many years, just changing in a good direction. If the direction is right, then you don’t have to worry about it anymore.


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