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With persistent effort, we are trying to build a solid home for the mind. Every minute of patience is a minute closer to the formation of a peaceful spiritual home.

Buddha used to teach bhikkhus who are still healthy and lucid, as well as those who are about to die: “This body, when the breath has gone, the fire and wind gone, and the waking mind gone, it is like a log of wood and has no value. spend more. People took them away.”

This is the truth about the body. This body will one day disintegrate, there is nothing left. The house built for the body will one day be useless and collapse. Knowing that, in addition to building a house for the body, each of us Buddhas must be determined to build a solid house for the mind. The reason is that even though we have a home for our body, we still feel lonely, insecure, wandering, without a place to stay or rely on.

To protect and provide safety and comfort to the body, one’s home needs solid walls, solid doors, and decorative objects. The house of the mind, too, needs a wall for patience, a door for mindfulness, and an ornament for wisdom.

Lack of patience will not succeed. Endure is trying, enduring hardships and suffering while building a good house for the mind. The Bodhisatta gave up his throne to become a monk, patiently lived a homeless life, spent six years ascetic, enduring hunger, thirst, heat and cold. All to try to build a solid home for the mind. Through his patience to overcome difficulties and obstacles, he found the Noble Eightfold Path with firm mindfulness as the door and gatekeeper, and finally succeeded, creating precious decorations for his house. mind is wisdom.

The jewel in everyone’s mind

The end of the path is a mind that is liberated, pure, pure, clear, and wise.

These days, we also follow the example of the Buddha in meditation, endure the cold and rainy winter weather, endure many difficulties when we have to control our body and mind in all four postures of walking, standing, sitting, and lying down. Usually we don’t have that kind of patience. With persistent effort, we are trying to build a solid home for the mind. Every minute of patience is a minute closer to the formation of a peaceful spiritual home.

This wall of patience trains the mind to prepare for the next step, the solid door. The house of mind has six doors: eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body, and mind. Every door must be guarded and guarded carefully and thoroughly to prevent thieves from entering and taking away valuables. The gatekeeper is mindfulness, that is, restrained memory, keeping all six sense doors at any moment.

When meditating we note, observe the objects of the six senses as guests who wish to enter the house. There are good customers, bad customers, real and not real. When the object arrives, mindfulness comes to greet the object immediately and notices the object as the object, form as form, sound as sound, sensation as sensation, thought as thought, etc. , that is, lack of mindfulness, bad objects such as greed, hatred, and delusion deceive the mind to enter the house and take away the precious treasures of the mind, which are faith, effort, morality, etc., which we always want to cultivate and preserve. .

Look at the mother hen incubating the eggs. When laying eggs, the mother hen waits patiently for how many days, endures the erratic lifestyle of eating, drinking, sleeping and resting; After eating, he immediately returned to the nest because he was afraid that if he left the egg for a long time, it would cool down or someone would steal it. Thanks to the patient and protective strength of such a mother hen, the chick finally broke the eggshell and saw the light of life, a new light that had never been seen before. If the mother hen lacks patience and skill to protect the eggs, the chicks will not have such a successful birth day.

Like the mother hen, so is the practitioner, patiently walking, standing, sitting, lying down, collecting the six senses, practicing according to the meditation method taught by the Buddha. That is how to build a house for the mind. Home decorations are a state of mind that is pure, pure, and wise.

Every moment of mindfulness is every moment we have this understanding in the now and now: this is suffering, this is the cause of suffering; This is fun, this is the cause of fun. It is the truth, the ultimate, the precious treasure of the mind. Each step of meditation is a step closer to wisdom.

In the past, “permanent mind” is a mind full of greed, hatred, and delusion. Now, through meditation, we see that this body is unstable, changing according to conditions, not permanent. With mindfulness, concentration develops and the mind becomes pure, free from the grip of greed, hatred, and delusion. Gradually, the mind ceased to be greedy, there was no longer aversion, and there was no longer delusion. The “permanent mind” is now a pure mind.

The end of the path is a mind that is liberated, pure, pure, clear, and wise. This mind is a precious ornament for the spiritual house that we need to keep in order to be happy forever.


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