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“Where do you go, when there’s a storm?” Does anyone really stand in the middle of a storm and silently ask this question? Certainly not.

In the rain, if you are outside in the yard, you will immediately run into the house, if you are on the street, immediately find the porch, any restaurant to hide. Storm, move immediately to another place, safe.

With the storm outside, no need to think, everyone is quick and smart to act like that. But strangely, with the storms of the soul, why do we often do the opposite? that is, instead of hiding from the rain and avoiding the storm, he rushed straight into the storm to make his body tattered and bruised?

In daily life, dissatisfaction, disagreements, jealousy, envy often lead to blasphemy; and when you lose control, lose your love language, the rage easily pops up like a storm. Then when the spiritual storm flares up, we often rush into the storm through those black winds of disagreement, jealousy, envy. We keep focusing on the words and things that the other person has made us sad and angry. We kept screaming at ourselves, “Why do you do this to me? Why are you talking to me like that? Why are you slandering and scorning me like that? Why… Why…” That attitude is the storm just rising, you immediately rush into the center of the storm.

How can we not be drowned, not torn, bruised? Why don’t we seek refuge from the spiritual storm, as we are often quick and intelligent to escape the storms of heaven and earth? “Where do you go, when there’s a storm?” is the question for the spiritual storm.

Experiences, books as well as the teachings of masters and knowledgeable friends still remind us, but perhaps we have not practiced enough, so when something happens, the mind of anger pulls us right into the storm. who are already raging, leaning, as we all know, should immediately return to mindful breathing.

Without mindfulness, the mind will go on and on…

The breath is so important that masters often use it to lead us back to mindfulness.

Just focus on the breath, nothing else. Breathing in, we know we are breathing in. Breathing out, we know we are breathing out. Follow the step of the breath to see that when we breathe in, our belly rises, when we breathe out, our belly falls. Follow your belly and your breath like you would a frog by the well. We “see” the frog’s breath, but rarely see our own breath. Just missing a few breaths, are we still there to be angry, to resent?

The breath is so important that masters often use it to lead us back to mindfulness.

But Buddha Shakyamuni knew that sentient beings in this saha world are ignorant and stubborn. Or do not know how to avoid, or know but do not believe, thinking that it is only right to satisfy. That’s why the method of finding shelter when the storm comes, is very simple, but the place is becoming more and more ravaged by the storm.

As for the ignorant one, I, in addition to breathing, have just found myself another weapon to close all the six sense doors when the storm hits. That is, immediately recite the four syllables.”Amitabha Buddha“. No matter what is right or wrong, right or wrong, when you see anger and sadness arise, immediately close the six roots by reciting “Amitabha Buddha”.

Of course, while chanting, I’m still breathing, but the sound Buddha’s Remembrance In that urgent moment, the stormy power of the sharp sword flashed, fortunately, it was able to stop the storm. When the six doors are closed, the wind and rain cannot blow into the house, while the sound of reciting the Buddha’s name is still resounding, which means that we have entered a safe place. Continue to recite the Buddha’s name so that the rain stops and the wind calms down. Then, go back to your breath to reflect on what makes you sad or angry. It’s not too late.

Mindfulness, awareness, knowledge of suffering, cessation of suffering

Then judge right and wrong, right and wrong.

At this point, I have mastered me, I have pushed the storm away, I must smile because the fierce storm did not knock me down. You have to know how to smile at yourself in the thought “Every storm will pass!”

With that in mind, everything that is right and wrong, right and wrong is insignificant because everything is like a storm. It will all pass, except the RETURN because:

“The incomparable hybrid

Who is the land of Ha Noi?”

The true nature of the Self, which is transparent, seems to be nothing, where is the place for dust to collect?

Universal law NO. Just one sentence of reciting the Buddha’s name is enough to bring us home to stay inMindfulness


Namo Amitabha Buddha

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