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When encountering obstacles and suffering, think of it as a good opportunity to exercise your will. For example, when we lose sleep. Insomnia often causes us to feel uncomfortable, making us easily irritable and impatient.

Then, instead of lying around and complaining, think of it as a good opportunity to recite the Buddha’s name. Every day is busy, there is not much time for reciting the Buddha’s name, but every time I do it, I feel sleepy. Today, when I am awake, I take advantage of the Buddha’s name, just like that, frustrated, tired all the time, I don’t know when I sleep. Therefore, transforming obstacles and suffering with the method of contemplation gives us more opportunities to practice. There are Buddhists who went to the temple to attend a 7-day Buddhist retreat, but on the second day, they asked to return because they were busy with work.

But I know they’re not leaving because they’re busy. Even though they didn’t say it, we understood the difficulties they couldn’t overcome. Buddhist monks have to eat vegetarian food, lie on the ground, have to wait in line to eat rice; living within the framework of rules they feel bound, uncomfortable. Meanwhile, at home, the time to eat and sleep is for you to decide, you can do whatever you like; then living conditions are more comfortable, so they feel miserable, can’t stand it, so they come back. I think, having been fortunate enough to be a Buddhist monk, why don’t we know how to transform those difficulties? If we know how to contemplate the opportunity to train our will, we will realize that it is a blessing and a fortune. The time spent at the temple is an opportunity for me to be a vegetarian, to lie on the ground, to practice in a real way. Now instead of saying “yes” let’s say “yes”, because it is not easy to have seven days of practice.

Like a wormhole in a dike, if you don’t know how to fill it up, over time that hole will grow big and break the dyke at any time.

The Buddha lived in a golden palace, a jeweled palace, but still gave up everything to seek the Way. When eating, he had to beg, sleeping under a tree, with his head on the sky, his feet on the ground, living without a house, without a door, but he was still very peaceful. And we live in a family environment, now going to the temple is a little bit different, it’s already hard. There are many people who go to the Buddhist monastery for 7 days and even ask to stay, because they find joy in their practice. Like some children who came here for summer school, there were some children who came to register for a three-month stay, but only stayed for two or three days and asked to return. There are also children who come here, even though they have to follow the strict discipline given by the teachers, sometimes they are punished, but they still accept it and continue to stay and study. As for me, because of many violations of discipline, I was sent home many times, still begging to stay. Years ago, many children came here to study for the summer, and then asked to stay as a monk. So we see, in the same situation, but those who have the desire to cultivate, know how to overcome obstacles, they can live, otherwise they will feel very miserable and difficult to give up halfway.

There are people who come to the temple to become a monk, thinking that they will encounter many advantages and many good things. But in the process of training, encounter many obstacles and obstacles, giving rise to afflictions and suffering. However, we see that, living in a group, disagreement is inevitable. Therefore, if we do not know how to transform those small touches but keep smoldering in our hearts, every day suffering will increase, causing us to rot in our Bodhi mind. And if we know how to meditate on the method of training our will, we will be able to transform those sufferings.

A talented navigator is someone who has to withstand the big waves; A good cultivator is one who has to overcome thorny challenges. As you can see, the great people that people always admire, often have to go through a lot of hardships and challenges to achieve that. Just like in order to have valuable pure gold bars, it must go through the process of refining from doped gold. From a rough, rough log, to become a beautiful statue, it must also be chiseled, planed, peeled… The rice that we often eat must also be planted, fertilized, harvested and then milled to become a new product. fragrant white rice grains. Humans, too, have to endure challenges and difficulties to forge their will. Therefore, in this life, all difficulties and challenges are good opportunities for us to exercise our will, sublimate our personality and make us more valuable as a person.

In short, like a wormhole in a dyke, if you don’t know how to fill it up, over time that hole will grow big and will break the dyke at any time. Likewise, when suffering is just beginning, learn to transform it by practicing the five methods: comparing suffering, contemplating karmic retribution, contemplating causes and conditions, contemplating compassion, and finally contemplating opportunity. will training. We hope you will always have peace, happiness and peace in your life while practicing these five practices.

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