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First we need to have the concept of the Lotus Sutra. There are people who misunderstand that the Lotus Sutra is a different sutra from other sutras.

Mr. Tri said that the Lotus Sutra includes all the sutras that Buddha said in the past and that Shakyamuni Buddha said in the present during 49 years and extracted all the three essences taught by the Buddha will form the Lotus Sutra. With such a principle, Vasubandhu affirmed that the Dharma Flower Sutra is the mother of all Buddhas, that is, all Buddhas are born in the Lotus Sutra, practice in the Dharma Flower Sutra, and preach the Dharma Flower Sutra.

Mr. Tri Gia divides the Dharma Flower Sutra into two types: the text of the Dharma Flower and the Hidden Dharma Flower. The text of the Dharma Flower is a sutra that is written down into words for us to maintain, read and recite. Hidden Dharma Flower is the profound meaning hidden in the sutras. The outer text contains the deeper meaning that is important. Understanding the profound meaning of the Lotus Sutra, Mr. Nhat Lien found the three great secret methods and took it as his spiritual practice. According to Nhat Lien, there are three important things in cultivation, which are three secrets, so they are called secret methods. When we find the idea sutra and practice accordingly, we get things that ordinary people don’t have, so the Lotus Sutra is also known as the Teaching of Bodhisattvas and the Buddha’s Recollection of Sutras. What ordinary people can do is normal. What ordinary people cannot do is the Dharma of the Buddha. Therefore, we learn and apply the Lotus Sutra and try to find out the hidden Dharma flower nectar to practice, and we will get extraordinary results. My own research, teaching and practice of the Lotus Sutra also have results that I don’t understand why. I don’t understand why I can live and cultivate and why so many people listen to me; those are the three secrets to me and also the most important thing of a Dharma practitioner. It can be said that the secret or secret dharma is the main part of the Lotus Sutra, the outer part is not important, just for reference.

Indeed, we normally say that it is difficult for the Buddha to invent the Dharma; and we imitate him, using his dharma is too easy. Although Buddha’s invention is difficult, he can do it and after Buddha’s Nirvana, the Buddha’s dharma is available, we just follow it, but no one can do it like Buddha. Therefore, the place of not understanding, not being able to do is the secret of the organ. The Dharma Flower cultivator finds any secret that results in it, while there are those who recite the Dharma Flower for the rest of their lives, but find nothing in it to use. Therefore, the Buddha’s treasure that people use is very rare.

After the Buddha’s parinirvana, three people found a secret in the Lotus Sutra to use for themselves. One is that Nagarjuna Bodhisattva was the first to discover the secret of the Lotus Sutra. He said that the Lotus Sutra is poison but it is a medicine to save people, and all other medicines do not cure it, so poison should be used to treat it. Today with advanced science, it is understandable, people can use poison to cure people. For example, antibiotics are poisons that cure many diseases, and even snake venom is used to treat diseases.

After 500 years of Nagarjuna, the second person in China discovered another secret of the Lotus Sutra, that is, the great master Zhi Jia was honored as the Little Shakyamuni or Buddha Shakyamuni of China. He found the Vendana and realized this dharma, what he read through, he remembered clearly without omission. So he became an extraordinary man. History records that during the three months of his residence, he preached the same word Dieu every day, nothing else, but the listeners were not bored, the more they listened, the more fascinated they became, even the king had to leave the court to listen to him preach. When Emperor Sui was able to unify China, he sought out Mr. Tri Gia to pay homage to him and ask for his bodhisattva’s dharma.

Emperor Sui respected Mr. Tri Gia and before he passed away, wrote a letter to Emperor Sui saying that if His Majesty could build Quoc Thanh Temple, the country would be completely peaceful. Therefore, Emperor Duong decided to build Quoc Thanh pagoda. This temple still exists until now, more than 1,500 years old. The Quoc Thanh Pagoda that Mr. Tri Gia said was a secret organ, while Emperor Duong Duong understood it in the normal human sense. That is, he taught the king to build a spiritual temple, but he built a material temple. These two are completely different. A material temple without spirituality is a temple without a soul; But spiritually without material, nothing can be expressed. Matter embodies spirituality and spirituality sustains the life of matter. The reason that Mr. Tri Gia wanted to teach the king was that if he tried to cultivate and maintain morality like a lotus without water and had a mind as pure as a pearl, the country would be peaceful. Therefore, to live and uphold the Dharma Flower is to keep a pure holy life representing the Lotus Flower, and the intellectual life is the Wonderful Dharma.

The king thought that building a temple would make the country peaceful, but when the temple was built, the country was in chaos; because at that time, the temple only had a body but no soul. Indeed, when Tri Gia was still alive, the king turned his mind to him and was protected by him, so his mind was very clear. But when Tri Gia died, the power to bless the king was no longer there, he felt empty and sad, so he often sought out the pleasures given by people to be happy in the five worldly desires, of course the king was lost. degenerate and lose water.

However, when the Lotus Sutra was transmitted to Japan, Mr. Nhat Lien discovered the spiritual temple and introduced the practice of the three great secret methods. Bodhisattva Nagarjuna was born 500 years before Buddha. Mr. Tri also existed 500 years from Nagarjuna and Mr. Nhat Lien also existed 500 years from Tri Gia; that is the only way through the spiritual world. Thus, we look to the history of the physical world to discover the spiritual world.

Mr. Nhat Lien said that although he was 2,000 years away from the Buddha, he had penetrated the Buddha’s Dharma Flower Association, so he proposed the Dharma Flower Buddha. Thus, following the primordial sect means going straight to the Buddha and receiving the Lotus Sutra to receive and uphold, without going through the history of the lineage. If the lineage follows history, then from the Buddha down to Bodhisattva Nagarjuna, then to Tri Gia and Nhat Lien; but to practice Dharma Flower is to go straight to the ashram of Shakyamuni Buddha to attend and listen to the Dharma. And entering the Dharma Flower ashram of Shakyamuni will have a bodhisattva assembly, while in the material ashram reciting countless volumes of the Dharma Flower Sutra, it is still far away from the Buddha and must accept suffering.

Wisdom or Nhat Lien discovered the secret dharma and they knew it well and could use it, but we don’t know it. The Buddha also affirmed that what he said is like a leaf in his hand, what he knows is a leaf in a forest. Everything that they practice and live in possession, we are completely complete, only know their outer appearance. Typically, Tri Gia said that a word said in the same life does not end. This we do not understand its meaning should not be used. He taught that no dharma should be adhered to, because all dharmas are always changing. If we do not adhere to any dharma, even if we realize it, we will let it go, then we will have wisdom like a shining pearl illuminating us to practice the right way. And according to Wisdom, when our mind is bright, in a single thought, three thousand worlds appear.

Thus, the process of witnessing the wisdom of the Wise from the Tradition of Dharani listening to all the dharmas without forgetting to the Dharma sound and the means of the dharani, he developed the Dharma for a lifetime, and his final realization was have each world according to each thought, each breath. Therefore, there is always innovation, so clinging to anything becomes obsolete. For the Wise, the world appears according to each thought. As for us, we practice for the rest of our lives and stay in the same place, that is, the inner world does not light up, or in three months of settling down, our knowledge and virtues remain unchanged.


Wisdom’s cultivation, according to which every thought is a different world, that is, from cultivation to enlightenment and Nirvana, this world is always changing. Mr. Nhat Lien recognized the idea of ​​One Mind of Wisdom like this, and he introduced the three great secret methods. The Three Great Secrets are three things: the deity of the deity, the subject of the subject, and the of the precepts of the forum; Those were the three secrets he discovered. Indeed, his life is difficult for us to understand, because he lived like us, but the results of his practice were extraordinary.

The first is the deity deity, the Buddha we worship. Buddha Shakyamuni is our deity, because we practice his Dharma. Pure Land practitioners consider Amitabha Buddha as their deity. When I was a child, I practiced Pure Land, but did I think that following Amitabha Buddha would give up Shakyamuni Buddha? So I just bowed to Shakyamuni Buddha and also to Amitabha Buddha. In fact, we practice like that, but according to whom, Buddha Shakyamuni is in Tathagata, Buddha Amitabha is in Ultimate Bliss. According to Amitabha, it is not possible to give up Shakyamuni, but if she is in Ta she is too miserable to bear it. But when I study the deity of Nhat Lien, I find it different.

According to Nhat Lien, pay respects to the deity: Namo Cuu Vien is truly a great teacher, the master Shakyamuni Buddha. Because he based on the 16th Tathagata life span of the Lotus Sutra that teaches that it is not Shakyamuni Buddha who becomes a Buddha in this life. We erroneously have the idea that Shakyamuni Buddha is the crown prince who has crossed over, left home and become a Buddha as our guru. It is important to find the whereabouts of Shakyamuni Buddha, where did he come from and where he went after Nirvana. Having received the essence of the Dharma Flower Buddha, I feel secure, we are still studying the Dharma of Shakyamuni and are living with the Dharma of Buddha Shakyamuni and dying also in his world.

The Buddha said in the Tathagata Longevity that: “From I became a Buddha until now, through immeasurable boundless aeons, often in Saha, he manifests himself in many lands, preaches the Dharma, and teaches innumerable sentient beings. , life expectancy is different, depending on the type of means, only revealing the true, profound, and wonderful…” Our guru is such a person, so we often read it as the incarnation of the Buddha Thich. Kannoni Buddha.

In fact, the Buddha has three bodies: the pure Dharma body, the celestial body, and the complete Sambhogakaya. The pure Dharmakaya is eternal and immortal. The sambhogakaya is the merit and virtue of the Buddha’s wisdom, which is full of blessings for us, and the incarnations of Buddha who become Buddha in one place have this name, and in another place he have another name.

Such profound awareness, I rest assured, no…


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