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In life, when we encounter painful and difficult situations that we can overcome, we will feel very happy.

For example, someone with cancer is very painful and miserable, but when someone tells them to take home remedies to cure their disease and pain, that person will feel very happy. Or when we are poor and needy, if we win the lottery or have someone to help us do business, have property, money, get out of poverty, it is also a happiness.

Happiness is free from suffering

Usually everyone has eyes to see, but rarely we see that happiness, only when the eyes pull the clouds and can’t see the way, we know that having bright eyes is a happiness. When we don’t see the way, only see a dark patch, we feel very miserable. Having an eye surgery by an eye doctor, seeing the sky, flying clouds, loved ones, etc., we feel very happy.

When we are hungry too, if we can eat it is also a happiness. This year is the year of the Rooster, 60 years ago was also the year of the Rooster (1945). According to statistics, that year in the North, two million people starved to death. Those who are hungry and dying like this will be extremely happy to eat.

Thus, when suffering is freed from suffering, is a happy thing.

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