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The curriculum “Vietnamese Buddhist culture” will present an overview of the basic characteristics of the country’s Buddhist culture in the typical fields: cognitive culture, Buddhist community organizational culture, and culture. Buddhist art.

Since being introduced to Vietnam, Buddhism has blended with the fine traditions of our nation to convey the quintessential messages of Buddhism’s wisdom, especially the ideology of Buddhism. Compassionate Happiness. This is the basis for creating the premise for the formation and development of Buddhism on the cultural map of Vietnam over the past two thousand years through the way of cultural exchange and acculturation. With inherent similarities, the quintessence of Buddhist cultural thought upon entering Vietnam was quickly accepted by our people, who are residents of the gentle and simple wet rice culture. Buddhism quickly took root and spread far and wide in the social life of Vietnam.

It can be affirmed that, when coming to Vietnam in the dawn of history, Buddhism has turned to folklore to gradually create a foothold in the human mind. The meeting place of Buddhism and indigenous folk beliefs has become a national cultural history museum from which Buddhism has always attached and accompanied the country of Vietnam and the Vietnamese people. Because folklore is the creative product of the people, crystallizes wisdom, expressing the aspirations and sentiments of the Vietnamese people themselves.

Vietnamese culture and Vietnamese Buddhist culture As a spiritual entity that is difficult to separate, it will be difficult to avoid defects, if we study Vietnamese national culture but ignore Vietnamese Buddhist culture and vice versa. In a certain sense, Vietnamese Buddhist culture is the foundation, the solid foundation of the Vietnamese Buddhist house. If this foundation is shaken, it will greatly affect the Buddhist house.

New book: Outline of Vietnamese Buddhist thought

Cover of the book “Vietnamese Buddhist Culture”.

Therefore, joining hands in cultivating Vietnamese Buddhist culture is the duty of all Buddhists, regardless of whether they are monastic or laymen, especially in the current period when our country is increasingly integrating into the world. Extensive, comprehensive will make the “dissolution”, loss of cultural identity is a great challenge for any culture of any nation.

Textbook “Buddhist Culture of Vietnam” This book was born as the result of our many years of teaching and research experience in the Faculty of Vietnamese Buddhism – Vietnam Buddhist Academy in Ho Chi Minh City. Uong – Vietnamese Buddhist Sangha, on the basis of inheriting the works of the Ton Duc and the predecessors. We strive to compile this textbook, not only for Buddhist schools, but also to expand the audience to be students of the social sciences and humanities of colleges and universities who are wishing to learn more. Research on Vietnamese Buddhism in general and Vietnamese Buddhist culture in particular.

Textbook “Vietnamese Buddhist culture” will present an overview of the basic characteristics of the country’s Buddhist culture in the typical fields: cultural awareness, organizational culture of the Buddhist community, and Buddhist art and culture. Thereby, providing readers with systematic knowledge and quite comprehensive overview of the Buddhist cultural picture of the country throughout the historical process.

In the trend of increasingly strong globalization, we also hope to contribute a humble voice in introducing the core values ​​of the country’s Buddhist culture to all levels, sectors, interested circles, and researchers. research in order to have a policy of conservation and preservation for future generations. I hope that Vietnam’s Buddhism will be stronger and stronger, and Vietnamese Buddhist culture will develop more and more in the right direction, contributing to the country’s increasingly sustainable development; at the same time, while preserving its core values ​​with rich identity, promoting the quintessence of the country’s Buddhist culture to the world community, contributing to the propagation of the Dharma, bringing benefits to people, especially is in the era of extremely developed science and technology, but the cultural and spiritual life of modern people is full of anxiety and insecurity, the happiness index of humanity is not very positive.

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